Independent School District

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Support Services

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G-PISD Support

G-PISD Administrators (including Counselors, District Social Workers, LSSP, etc.) are here to help and offer support as well as specific resources.

Anonymous Alerts. You can click the button below to submit a report online, or download the app and use your phone to communicate. Thank you!

There are two ways to submit a report:

1. Online from any device: www.anonymousalerts.com/gpisd/. You can look for this button on every campus home page to submit a report:

2. Download the app on your phone and send anytime: Click the appropriate image below. This action will redirect you to the app store for Apple or Google/Android download. Thank you!

  • Start the App, enter activation code: gpisd
  • Send important reports to school officials
  • Add a screenshot, photo or video of the incident
  • Remember: In an emergency, always call 9-1-1!