Independent School District

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"School spirit is prominent here. I'm not from Texas, but I feel at home in a way."
Haiden Wicks, 12th Grade | G-P High School

"I like being a G-P Wildcat because I am learning faster than before."
Joshua Morcilla, 5th Grade | East Cliff Elementary

"Our teachers really respect their students."
Kadon Howard, 6th Grade | G-P Intermediate

"I'm a proud Wildcat. I have a good education and a future to look forward to."
Cody DuBose, 8th Grade | G-P Junior High

"I come to school prepared to learn ... our teachers are the best!"
Richard Cadriel, 5th Grade | S.F. Austin Elementary

"The community is very supportive of student activities."
Morgan Suggs, 5th Grade | T.M. Clark Elementary

"G-P Wildcats are great people who work hard."
Tiffany Baze, 4th Grade | W.C. Andrews Elementary

Events & Information

“Our teachers and coaches motivate you to do your best and they support you in everything."Camille Yeltatzie, 10th Grade