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Scoreboard Advertising

2023-2024 School Year

The Gregory-Portland Education Foundation (G-PEF) is assuming management of G-PISD's scoreboard advertising opportunities as of the 2023-2024 school year, with support from the G-PISD Office of Communications & Engagement. With this transition, advertising dollars from this operation can now support the nonprofit's mission to serve and support G-PISD students, teachers, and staff via grant awards for innovative educational programs, scholarships for G-PISD students, and more! 

We have LOWERED the pricing for all ad packages this year and added "social media spots" inclusive of :60 video(s) at the Anchor and Founding levels produced for you by our incredible GPTV students -- passing savings and benefits on to our valued local partners! You can view all advertising package options via the link(s) to our brochure below, and confirm your ad space via the online form below. Remember: There is LIMITED SPACE for all ads to run during events/games, so these opportunities are provided on a "first come, first serve" basis. If you have further questions, please reach out to us at communications@g-pisd.org or 361.777.1091, ext. 1057. Thank you, G-P!

Scoreboard Advertising Brochure: WEB VIEW | PRINT VIEW

Request your Ad Package: CLICK HERE to SUBMIT!


Supporting Students & Staff

Your advertising dollars translate into a GREAT RETURN on your local investment for our teachers, staff, and students in G-PISD through the G-P Education Foundation!

As of the 2022-2023 School Year, thanks to community support the G-PEF has awarded:

  • $70,000+ to date in Annual Grants for G-P Teachers, Staff to support Innovative Educational Programs
  • $20,000+ to date in Annual Scholarships for G-PISD Graduating Seniors
  • $5,000 Awards each year for our G-PISD Teachers of the Year to select curriculum materials for their classrooms, and more!


Scoreboard Advertising as a Marketing Investment (as compared to more common Sponsorship / Donations to the G-PEF):

The G-PEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, however advertising is NOT tax deductible as a donation according to IRS rules. The IRS considers marketing / advertising an activity that is taxable as unrelated business income for the foundation and is a direct marketing expense for your business/organization, similar to any other marketing activities you would contract to share information and promote your business.

In contrast, any/all other current opportunities provided by the education foundation (for example, donations to our Annual Campaign, State of the District / Teacher of the Year or other events, etc.) are considered donations as the gift to the organization. The distinction for a sponsorship / donation public recognition is provided in exchange for a donation amount that substantially supports the nonprofit's mission (rather than an ad-based package of content generated by your business/organization for promotional purposes). Thank you!


Overview & History - Scoreboard Advertising at G-PISD

The Gregory-Portland Education Foundation (G-PEF) maintains a mutual agreement with G-PISD to manage scoreboard advertising beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, with all advertising agreements and benefits fulfilled as overseen by the G-PEF board of directors and the school district's team in the Office of Communications & Engagement. Prior to this school year, scoreboard advertising was managed through the G-PISD Business-Finance Office and any revenue was reserved to reimburse the district for costs remaining from the initial install of the scoreboard -- a project that was mostly funded with Bond 2015 dollars as approved by the community to provide an "outdoor classroom" experience with hands-on learning for GPTV audio-visual production classes.

Because the scoreboard was funded with public bond dollars, the intent of advertising revenue on the part of the district is to fulfill public intention for school bonds. Specifically, revenue from scoreboard advertising 'above and beyond' hardware cost (which has been fully reimbursed to the district as of 2022) and annual maintenance/repair (ongoing needs, paid annually to the district from the G-PEF as part of the current agreement) must be accessible to all students and student groups as well as teachers/staff. The G-PEF is structured to serve and support all G-PISD students and teachers/staff via grant award opportunities, and as a result fulfills this obligation and desire of the district. G-PISD employees can apply for grant funding through the foundation in ways that directly benefit students. For more information about G-PEF grants, please click here

Annual Advertising Packages - Pricing Comparison

advertising level Previous Years (2015-16 - 2022-23) Current Year (2023-2024)
ANCHOR $15,000  $10,000
FOUNDING $7,000  $6,000
PREMIER $4,000 $3,500
MAJOR $2,000 $1,500










Contact Us

The following G-PISD team members support the G-P Education Foundation via their roles within the school district, and are the primary contacts for questions related to scoreboard advertising. Please click a name below to send us an email, or give us a call at 361.777.1091, ext. 1057. Thank you!

Sharon Reckaway | G-PISD Director of Family & Community Engagement
Jodie Scanlan | G-PEF Support, G-PISD Communications

Crystal Matern | G-PISD Chief Communications & Engagement Officer

G-PEF Board of Directors

Joseph Vasquez | President  
Nicole Nolen | Vice President/G-PISD Trustee  
Heather Marks | Secretary  
Dr. Michelle Cavazos, G-PISD Superintendent  
Larry Baker, III  
Patti Cass Strain  
Michelle Green  
Janie Hoskins  
Ryan Kelley  
Dr. Anne Matula   
Jennifer Nohavitza  
Sylvia Ochoa  
Myra Morris | Advisory Counsel  

Colette Walls | Business Advisor