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Dr. Michelle Cavazos

Authenticity, inclusivity, and operational excellence are the hallmarks of the success realized under the transformational leadership of Superintendent Dr. Michelle Cavazos here at Gregory-Portland ISD. With 29 years of experience and dedication to students and staff across Texas, she has championed initiatives that cultivate a positive school climate while emphasizing the importance of every child's potential and the value of each moment in their educational journey. Our district has undergone a profound transformation characterized by renewed purpose and a steadfast commitment to student success under her guidance. 



Despite unprecedented circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Cavazos accepted the offer to serve as our Gregory-Portland ISD Superintendent in July 2020. Undeterred and dauntless, she navigated seemingly insurmountable challenges with great resilience and a remarkable ability to develop meaningful connections while adhering to safety protocols.  



Dr. Cavazos creates individual ownership through empowerment, cultivating the talents of our staff whose work it is to educate and inspire our students. Her example has served as a catalyst for building genuine, lasting relationships among our students, families, residents, business leaders, and partners throughout the region and state. Through a culture of consistent feedback, every voice is heard and considered in our district. She has facilitated the development of a clear vision and mission that has united our community and resulted in a foundation of trust and transparency. 



Texas public education needs strong advocates, and Dr. Cavazos stands tall among the state’s school leaders who proactively ignite positive change. She is a steadfast, unwavering adversary for students, teachers, families, and communities. From testifying before the state legislature to building capacity among fellow leaders, Dr. Cavazos understands that policy is paramount to unleashing student potential and public support for educators. 

With her encouragement, our trustees were selected among only nine school boards in the State of Texas to participate in the inaugural Raise Your Hand Texas Trustee Advocacy Cohort, and together this "Team of 8" completed the two-year program to emerge equipped to advocate with clarity and confidence. Today, our trustees are highly sought among their peer leaders to discuss and employ proactive methods for partnering with legislators and engaging in the legislative process. 

Dr. Cavazos also led the way to partner with superintendents and trustees throughout our region to establish and initiate what is now an active, informed, and engaged collaborative advocacy model for school leaders in the Coastal Bend. Her efforts and actions have inspired thousands to get involved, vote their voice, and develop pathways for engagement while supporting public education. 



Gregory-Portland ISD has garnered prestigious honors far and wide under the leadership of Dr. Cavazos, not the least of which is the amplification of voice and recognitions of our teachers, staff, and students throughout the state of Texas. Superlative to these esteemed honors are the many ways her drive and passion for developing greatness in others has revived greatness for our district.  

Today our district name, brand, and identity stand for something more because she has cultivated what was hidden and unleashed the right people, in the right places, and the right times. These tremendous advancements include yet are not limited to: 

  • State Finalist, H-E-B Excellence in Education Small District Award - 2024-25 

  • Award of Excellence in Financial Management, Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) - 2023, 2024 

  • Award of Merit for Purchasing Operations, Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO) - 2023, 2024 

  • Best of Category Awards, Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) - 2023, 2024 

  • Gold Star Awards, Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) - 2023, 2024 

  • $107.7 Million – Successful Bond in November 2020, passed with 55% voter support 

  • $176 Million – Successful Bond in May 2023, passed with 65% voter support 

  • Academic Advancement through Experiential, Hands-On Learning Model @ Newly Constructed Early Childhood Center for Pre-K, Kindergarten set to open for 2024-25 

  • Academic Infusion of Experiential Learning Model at all Elementary Campuses now in design/development, 2023-2024 

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Enhancements with new AgriScience Facility opened and Culinary Program Expansion now in design/development, 2023-24 

  • Extracurricular Advancements for Fine Arts with Expansion of Band Hall, Choir, Theatre facilities, and All-Purpose Practice Facility / Sports Complex to serve Athletic programs 

  • Numerous State, Region, Local Awards and Advancements earned by G-PISD Students 



Beyond her strategic acumen, Dr. Cavazos embodies genuine compassion and community service. Her influence extends well past our district boundaries to the county, region, and state, where she is well connected and renowned as an inspirational leader with a propensity for achieving high performance among diverse, expansive audiences. Her most recent service, honors, and awards include: 

  • Vice-President for Finance, Texas Association of Mid-size Schools (TAMS) 

  • Secretary, Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (TALAS) 

  • Vice-Chair, Superintendent’s Regional Advisory Committee  

  • Education Representative, La Quinta Channel Community Advisory Panel 

  • Executive Board, San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation 

  • Executive Board, Portland Chamber of Commerce 

  • Leadership / Governance Partner Meetings, Cities of Gregory and Portland 

  • Distinguished Presenter, Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA)

  • Distinguished Presenter, Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)

  • “Woman of Distinction” in the Coastal Bend, honored by Coastal Bend Publishing 

  • “Leading Lady” in Chamber Coalition, honored among San Patricio County 



Prior to her arrival in G-PISD, Dr. Cavazos excelled in pivotal leadership positions for mid-size and large school districts including Chief Officer of School Leadership and Academics, Director of Secondary Education, and as a principal at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. These roles spanned the Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and South Texas regions and included rural, suburban, and inner-city school management with varying needs and opportunities.  

Her extensive expertise and process-driven, collaborative approach to system improvement has enriched the districts and schools where she served. This truth is evident through the strong relationships she has formed near and far, as well as the evidence of progress achieved in all positions and places that have been made better thanks to her courageous, inventive, and collaborative leadership. 



Amy Malone
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Email: amalone@g-pisd.org

Phone - (361) 777-1091, ext. 1018
Fax - (361) 777-1094

Office of the Superintendent
Gregory-Portland ISD Administration
1200 Broadway Blvd.
Portland, TX 78374