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G-PISD is a destination district committed to college and career readiness while positively transforming the lives of all students.


Gregory-Portland Independent School District is proud of its facilities which consist of four elementary campuses; a middle school and a high school.


The communities of Gregory and Portland are located in the Southeastern portion of San Patricio County, just eight miles north of Corpus Christi on Highway 181. Gregory was designated as a station on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad in 1866. Portland was settled in 1890-1991 and was once a vegetable growing and shipping center.

Today, Gregory and Portland have a combined population of 18,300. The school district covers a 101 square mile area and maintains an enrollment in excess of 4,000 students.

Student Goals & Objectives

The Board of Trustees of Gregory-Portland ISD believe that the parent is the first and most important teacher of children. The District believes that a partnership between parents and school provides the best possible learning environment for children. It is the goal of Gregory-Portland ISD to provide a balanced curriculum for the development of students into responsible citizens of a democratic society. In partnership with the parent, it is the objective of the District to assist in the development of positive character traits in every student. It is the objective of the Board of Trustees that the following positive character traits be reinforced through classroom instruction and modeled by all members of the professional staff.

To be truthful and to speak and act in a manner free from deception.

To conduct oneself according to a sense of what is right or wrong.

To accept the need to act or respond when appropriate, and to be accountable for one’s own acts and deeds.

The willingness and ability to choose to follow the rules or laws without being forced to do so.

The quality of being trustworthy; to merit reliance and trust by others. To be counted on.

To show consideration and honor for others regardless of social, economic, ethnic or cultural background, age or gender.

To make a serious attempt at a job at hand. To try hard to complete a task.

To continue one’s effort in spite of difficulties.

To take action on something because it needs to be done.

Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

To work together with others toward a common goal or purpose.

The quality of an individual’s involvement in their community and society.
To follow the rights and duties of a citizen.