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School Leadership & Accountability


Dr. Mike Norris
Executive Director of School Leadership | Email: mnorris2@g-pisd.org

Monica Waggoner
Principal, Gregory-Portland High School | Email: mwaggoner@g-pisd.org

Dr. John Trevino
Principal, Gregory-Portland Middle School | Email: jtrevino@g-pisd.org

Robin Rice
Principal, Early Childhood Center | Email: rrice@g-pisd.org

Ashely Banda
Principal, East Cliff Elementary School | Email: pbanda@g-pisd.org

Tycee Sanchez
Principal, Stephen F. Austin Elementary School | Email: tsanchez@g-pisd.org

Melinda Pena
Principal, T.M. Clark Elementary School | Email: mpena3@g-pisd.org

Analese Tennyson
Principal, W.C. Andrews Elementary School | Email: atennyson@g-pisd.org

Hilda Salinas
Director of College, Career, & Military Readiness and Counseling | Email: hsalinas@g-pisd.org

Shelly Elizalde
Director of Data, Assessment, and Accountability | Email: selizalde@g-pisd.org

Kathleen Cady
At-Risk Administrator | Email: kcady@g-pisd.org


Tracy Johnson 
Secretary to Executive Director of School Leadership & Accountability | Email: tjohnson@g-pisd.org

Frances Hernandez 
Secretary to Director of College, Career, & Military Readiness and Counseling | Email: fhernandez2@g-pisd.org

G-PISD Administration Annex - School Leadership and Student Services
4600 Wildcat Dr., Portland, TX 78374