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Human Resources

*** Attention Substitute Applicants ***

The deadline to submit a substitute application for the current school year is April 19, 2021. Applications submitted after this date will be processed for the following school year.


Employment OpportunitiesOnline Application
Gregory-Portland ISD is now accepting applications online for all positions using Gregory-Portland ISD's Online Application System, Skyward Fast Track. You can attach your resume, transcripts reference letters, or other documents to your online application.

Job Posting (Click here for available job postings).

One-Way Video Interviews

Many of Gregory-Portland ISD’s applications for employment will include a one-way video interview through our partner Spark Hire. 

You will be presented with a series of interview questions (normally 6 to 8 questions), specifically for the position you are applying to. You'll then record your video interview answers at your convenience as long as you submit them before the deadline.  This one-way video interview is then available to Principals and Hiring Managers for that position.

Before you start your interview, you'll have the ability to watch a tutorial, test your equipment, and record practice video(s).

One-Way Video Interview Process

  • One-Way Video interview process

  • After you apply with G-PISD, you will receive an email notification to view a message in your account profile with the one-way video link.

  • After you accept the invitation, you will be prompted to set up a Spark Hire Username and Password.

  • You can proceed to your interview and you will also receive another email with "Instructions for your One-Way Video Interview," and a link to complete the video interview. You can record your video interview answers at your convenience as long as you submit them before the deadline.

  • You can use a PC or laptop, or use the Spark Hire mobile application on an Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) device to complete your interview.


Frequent questions and information

One-way video interviews are setup by the general position: Teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal, Classroom Aide, etc. If you complete a one-way video interview for Teacher, that video is saved for that specific position.  If you apply to Teacher and Counselor, you would receive invites to complete the teacher interview, and an invite to complete the counselor interview (with different questions).

When you're in the interview, you'll be presented with the questions one at a time. The entire process is meant to be easy and you'll be provided with specific instructions along the way. You will have think time for each question and time limits for your responses.

Send an email to support@sparkhire.com if you have questions or need assistance with the video interview.

Substitute Professional and Paraprofessional Application Form
This ONLINE application should be completed and submitted to be CONSIDERED FOR A substitute for Teachers, Nurses, Librarians, Counselors, Teachers Aides, and Clerical positions. Substitutes are needed for all types of
positions from Bus drivers, custodians, clerical to classroom teachers.
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It is the policy of the Gregory-Portland Independent School District not to discriminate in its employment practices. Read More...