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G-P Votes

Voting Information for our G-P Community

Your Gregory-Portland ISD School Board is committed to helping inform our G-P community of voting opportunities, and encouraging the practice of voting in every election as a public right and act of citizenship. This initiative is directly tied to the Board Scorecard, which includes the specific priorities and goals of the board for themselves as the governing body of G-PISD. 


Bond 2023

G-PISD has a school bond proposition up for voter consideration. Please watch the video below, and learn more about Bond 2023 at www.g-pisd.org/bond! We also encourage those over the age of 65 to learn about the OVER 65 Exemption which equates to zero tax impact for individuals with this exemption. You can learn about this exemption here: www.g-pisd.org/Over65


School Board Election

If you missed the G-PISD School Board Candidate Forum last week, you can WATCH NOW right here! The Portland Lions Club and the San Patricio County Association of Reatlors hosted an opportunity for our eight (8) school board candidates to respond to questions from the community.

With three (3) seats open for the board, it's important to "KNOW BEFORE YOU VOTE" and make an informed decision. (Please Note: Candidate Megan Axelsen was not in attendance during the candidate forum. All other candidates participated, and appear as listed in ballot order from left to right. That list is also provided below. Thank you!) Please click the following link, or below, to watch now: www.g-pisd.org/BoardForum23 


Next Election - May 6, 2023

G-PISD students, staff, and community members are encouraged to (1) ensure you are registered to vote, and (2) participate in this election (as well as all other elections).

  • April 6: Last Day to Register to Vote
  • April 24 - May 2: Early Voting
  • May 6: Election Day

Voting Schedule & Locations - San Patricio County Residents

Resident of a different city/county? Please view the San Patricio County Elections Office website, or the Nueces County Elections Office website to view your sample ballot and/or voting schedule/locations.


First page of the PDF file: WHODOESWHAT2
First page of the PDF file: WHODOESWHAT


Important Dates

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Board Elections

Information about Gregory-Portland ISD School Board elections and member terms is available on our Board Elections web page.

School Bonds

The G-P community approved school bonds in 2012, 2015, and 2020. Following completion of all projects for Bonds 2012 and 2015, progress is now ongoing for Bond 2020.

Bond 2022 was not approved. For more information about what was contained in that proposal, please visit g-pisd.org/bond.