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Les deseo un muy feliz y bonito verano.  Fue un placer tenerte como mi estudiante este año escolar.  Nos vemos pronto.  


Enjoy your summer!  Be safe and don't forget to read.  See you back in a few weeks.  

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Our Open House will be held Tuesday, March 7th from 6-7 p.m.  Please make plans to attend, we can't wait to show you how much our students have grown!

Mrs. Claudia Arroyo

Third Grade

Email: carroyo@g-pisd.org

Phone: 361-777-4048


7:50am Announcements / Pledge
8:00am Word Study
8:30am Reading
10:00am Writing
10:50  Switch Classes w/Diaz
11:15am Lunch
11:45am P.E. / Music
12:15am Word Study
12:15pm Reading
2:30pm Writing
3:20pm Dismissal


Hello! My name is Mrs. Arroyo and I am so excited to be part of the W.C. Andrews Third Grade team! More importantly, I am ECSTATIC to be your teacher! It’s going to be a remarkable year full of learning and new explorations and the making of new friends.

I was born and raised in the border town of Eagle Pass, TX. I have an older brother who is very smart, his name is Efrain and he knows a lot about computers. I also have a younger sister named Agda who also happens to be my best friend. She wants to be a veterinarian so she can help care for animals. When I graduated from high school I moved to Kingsville, TX to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and couldn’t wait to start teaching. This will be my 10th year as an elementary teacher and my third year teaching here in Portland. Go Wildcats!


I am married to a wonderful man for over 13 years now and we have three very unique girls, Aylin, Alexie, and Adalynn. I have an undeniable passion for teaching. I am so excited to be your teacher and for you to be part of my class. I am certain we will have an amazing school year.



Students will have homework on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please check their BIRD binder for their Peek of the Week and important information that is sent home. Students must also read a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. Reading at home can make a HUGE difference. Make reading a part of your family time! We want our children to LOVE reading.

Third Grade Peek of the Week


Practice spelling your word study words at home. Read for 30 minutes.


Read for 30 minutes.


Complete the reading handout.  Read for 30 minutes.


Take a practice spelling test to turn in.

Word Study test will be administered on Friday.

Read for 30 min.


Have a great weekend!




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Read theory.org

Spelling City.com

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