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District Calendar - 2024-25 *DRAFT*

Please CLICK HERE to download / print a copy of the 2024-25 SAMPLE DRAFT District Calendar (also seen below).

2024-25 District Calendar SAMPLE DRAFT:

The Board of Trustees approved the public release of a SAMPLE DRAFT District Calendar with an intersessional model for the 2024-25 school year. While this is only a SAMPLE to review as of this time, the primary intent of releasing publicly is to communicate (1) the district's preliminary decision based on the majority of YOUR generous feedback to begin moving toward an intersessional calendar as early as 2024-25 pending additional research and planning; and (2) to continue developing those plans and communicating with you during the next two years regarding how an intersessional model would work in our district.

We want to address all of your questions and needs related to this potential (and highly likely) change ahead, and are committed to allowing ample time to do so in advance of this potential change in our district. Please keep in mind that this is truly to be considered a SAMPLE intersessional calendar, and we highly anticipate some changes within the next couple of years as more information is compiled and released. (Important plans should not yet be made based on the content in this sample draft.) The Board and Superintendent also may decide, with further research, to maintain a traditional model going forward. However, at the current time it is intended to move forward with the preliminary plan to move to an intersessional school year as of 2024-25 (final calendar pending). Thank you!

First page of the PDF file: 24-25_G-PISDSchool_CalandarV3_022822