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Greetings, families!

As we begin this e-learning journey together, I would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. When talking to others, I call my students "my kids" because that is exactly how my heart feels. I miss them very much and hope and pray that this situation works itself out. Keep in mind, the district and your child's teachers will be in constant communication and it is imperative that you keep tabs on your email and remind 101 notifications. We have already had a huge amount of overwhelming support from parents/guardians, and this makes our job run SO smoothly. Thank you all!

Here are some important facts that you must know: 

  • Office hours will be from 9:00-10:30 a.m. for all 5th grade teachers. Office hours will take place on zoom.us. Teachers will send out the ID number to allow students to join. If there are changes throughout the week on office hour times, you will be notified promptly.
  • Student work will come from a "Choice board" that will be shared with you via remind 101, email, and on the GPISD website. All directions are on the top of the choice board document that you can download. You may also pick up a printed copy of choice boards at TM Clark in the front foyer.
  • Student work from the choice board must be submitted to that subject's teacher. We prefer that you take a picture of the work and send it via remind or email. If your child completes an online activity, you may notify us of the online assignment completion and we will log on and grade accordingly.
  • You can reach us by email or remind from 10:30 - 3:00 daily, and as long as we receive your message by 3, we will respond within the same day. If after 3, we will respond the following day. 


We appreciate your support and cooperation more than you know! 


Mrs. Altieri (and the 5th grade team)

Mrs. Magen Altieri

Fifth Grade | Science

Email: maltieri@g-pisd.org

Phone: 361/777-4045




Howdy, parents and students! My name is Magen Altieri and I teach 5th grade science at TM Clark Elementary School. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) and enjoy Aggie sports, the outdoors, music, reading, exercising, and time with family and friends. I believe that teachers wear many hats and must serve their students as mentors, cheerleaders, mediators, nurturers, and sculptors of both mind and spirit. One of my students once told me an inspirational quote that he had heard from a former teacher: "If you know something, teach. If you don't know, learn!"-Anonymous. As we can all see: education is LIFE!

I am extremely excited to work every day with fresh faces and inquisitive minds that will one day become our future leaders in scientific research, education, law, health, business, and more! Paying special attention to the importance of science helps mold involved and educated citizens. I vow to do my absolute best to inspire my students to realize and respect this along their educational journey.

In addition to our school-wide and laboratory rules, I will implement the following expectations in my classroom:

1. ALWAYS raise your hand to speak.
2. Respect your peers and work as a team during group work.
3. Come each day equipped with a pencil and science notebook.

I feel that I learn as much from my students as they do from me. I aim to prepare them for a life full of learning, asking questions, analyzing information, and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us within this world.

If you ever have any questions about the procedures, rules, or curriculum of my science class, please do not hesitate to contact me! I am more than happy to get to know all parents and welcome them into our learning community. My email is maltieri@g-pisd.org and the school's phone number is 361-777-4045.


science collage





1.) Enter the room quietly and sit in your assigned seat.
2.) Listen quietly to all directions. Ask questions if you are unsure about anything!
3.) Stay in your seat unless you are directed to get up. AVOID horseplay.
4.) Follow the directions in the lab book.
5.) Never eat or drink in the lab.
6.) Clean up all messes immediately.
7.) Wear goggles if heating objects or mixing chemicals.
8.) Use equipment with care so that the students after you have the same opportunity to learn.
9.) Clean your lab area before you leave.




Supplies that students must bring DAILY:
-Science notebook (composition book): This is where we will keep all notes and hand-outs.
-Pen/pencil: Pencils will be preferred during labs, but otherwise students may choose to use either pen or pencil.


Special note:  Science notebooks will be their most helpful tool when preparing for quizzes and tests. It is important that they keep up with the table of contents and keep journals neat and organized. We will conduct journal checks throughout the school year.


Stemscopes.com: Students will be expected to log into Stemscopes weekly to complete vocabulary assignments. I constantly add assignments for students to do. There are games and activities that acquaint students with the important terms of our classroom. Students will receive an opportunity each week AND at tutorials to complete these assignments. Students are encouraged to complete assignments at home as well if they have computer access. Prizes are given for students that complete all assignments each week. 


Remind 101: I use this app weekly to communicate with parents and guardians. I will send information home at the beginning of the school year explaining how to sign up for updates. 




*For Exam 1:
5th grade Units 1&2 Test: Properties of Matter and Forms of Energy

*Exam 2
5th grade Unit 3 Test: Forces & Motion
Unit 3 review-Who wants to be a millionaire game.ppt

*Exam 3
5th grade Unit 4 Test: Circuits, Electrical energy, and Light
Unit 4 review-Who wants to be a millionaire game.ppt

*Exam 4
5th grade Unit 5 Test: Fossil Fuels (energy resources)
NONRENEWABLE: https://quizlet.com/108225468/unit-5-nonrenewable-resources-flash-cards/
RENEWABLE: https://quizlet.com/108227929/unit-5-renewable-resources-flash-cards/

*Exam 5
5th grade Unit 6 Test: Earth's Changes

*Exam 6
5th grade Unit 7: Earth, Sun, Moon

*Exam 7
5th grade Units 8 & 9: Patterns and Ecosystems
1) Weather/Climate & Water Cycle: https://quizlet.com/124420748/weather-vs-climate-the-water-cycle-flash-cards/
2) Ecosystems (Interdependency, CO2 & Oxygen Cycle, Food Webs/Chains):https://quizlet.com/124424498/ecosystems-flash-cards/

*Exam 8
5th grade Units 10 & 11: Life Cycles, Inherited Traits & Learned Behaviors

Units 10 &11 Review "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" (1).ppt