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Elementary School

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Hello everyone! You all did an amazing job! Please continue to work on skills at home. Click on the link below for summer resources for your child. See you in 1st grade! Have a happy and safe summer!



Hello! Welcome to my class page! My name is Hillary Caceres.  This is my 6th year teaching at TMC. I taught Pre-K for 3 years. This is my 3rd year teaching Kinder. I absolutely love early childhood education. I have the opportunity to teach, encourage and mold the lives of children everyday. Please stay tuned to this page for class updates. Thank you!

Remind:  This is a 2-way text messaging system between the teacher and parents.  It will be one of our major forms of communication.  Teachers can send out group messages to the class.  Parents can text the teacher privately to ask a question or share a concern.  Please use this text option if possible! In case of emergency, please call the office.

Lunch: All students will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge to their account. The cafeteria sells snacks and extras for 25 cents to $1.00.  Children can use money on their account to buy these extra items or bring money.  If you do not want your child to have snacks or extras, you can fill out a form in the cafeteria to block this on their account. Wildcat Café accepts cash or checks. To add money to your child’s lunch account, you may go to the cafeteria before school or pay online.  To pay online: Go to www.g-pisd.org.  Under the quick links, click on "cafeteria" and then click on "prepay meals online." You will need to know your child’s student ID. We will eat lunch at 11:00-11:30. Children can bring a lunch from home.  

Pick up and drop off: Please drop off your child in the front circle drive or the side circle drive. Please do not park in the drop off circles. Your child will walk to the cafeteria and sit at our class table. There will be an adult to supervise.  If your child eats school breakfast, they need to arrive between 7:20-7:40 am. For your child’s safety, please do not drop them off before 7:20 am. The teachers will pick up the children from the cafeteria at 7:40 am.  The tardy bell rings at 7:50 am. If arriving after 7:50 am, you must walk in with your child through the front doors to receive a tardy slip. *We will dismiss the children from the side circle drive at 3:15.  Please place the green circle on your window. Please do not park and walk up to get your student. All children should be buckled in a booster seat.  Thank you! 

Absences- Attendance is mandatory in Kindergarten. However, there will be times that your child may get sick or need to go to the doctor. If your child is absent from school, please make sure to send a note in with your child regarding his or her absence. If your child has a fever, diarrhea or vomiting, please keep them home for 24 hours or until they are well. 

Allergies- If your child has any food allergies, please bring a note from their doctor so that the cafeteria and nurse can have that on file.  It is very important that you let the teachers and nurse know right away! We want to keep all of our students safe and healthy. 

Medication-If your child needs to take medication at school, you must take it to the nurse in the original container.  Please give written permission and dosing instructions.  This includes cough drops. 

Class Management-I love to celebrate wonderful behavior and hard work! I also believe in having a classroom where every student feels safe, comfortable, happy, and feels cared for. I want each and every student to succeed to his or her highest potential and I will do everything I can to make that happen. In order for this to happen, I make sure that I have a well-managed class. One management system I do in my class is earning prizes. Sometimes, we don’t always have our best days. If a student does not do what is expected, I will give them a warning. For major behavior concerns, a note will be written in your child’s folder. If you see a note, please talk to your child about the rules.  Every day is a fresh start! 

We will also be working hard to earn classroom treats & parties throughout the year to celebrate our classroom successes!  

Folders-*Please make sure your child brings their folder every day! 

Your child will bring a folder home each day with notes, work, and other important items.  Please check the folder daily, remove items from inside and return the folder the next day.  Also, be sure to check the behavior calendar inside and initial it at the end of each week.  Looking forward to a great year!