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Welcome back!  

I am looking forward to seeing my students from last year and meeting my new students who will join us this year.

We will be working together to build reading and spelling skills.  Nothing will stand in the way of our success!



Welcome to the Dyslexia Board

for T.M. Clark Elementary!


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     Audiobooks should be used as needed to scaffold grade level reading for dyslexic students who read below grade level when reading independently. 

     Dyslexic students do need practice reading materials they can read independently, but they also need exposure to grade level materials and grade level vocabulary.  Audiobooks can make this possible.




Mrs. Debra Rooney



Email: drooney@g-pisd.org

Phone: 361/777-4045


7:50 Group A
8:35 Group 1
9:35 Group 2
10:20 Group 3
11:05 Lunch
11:30 Group 4
12:15 Conference Period
1:00 Group 5
1:45 Group 6
2:30 Group 7
3:15 Dismissal






My name is Debra Rooney, and I am the dyslexia instructor for T. M. Clark Elementary. I have worked as a teacher for 33 years, and I have worked in G.P.I.S.D. for the last 14 years. I love teaching children to read and watching them grow. I love learning new ideas about teaching children to read.


Bachelor of Science, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
Elementary Education with Specializations in Reading and Math

Master of Education, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
Reading Specialist

Elementary - General Grades 1-8
Elementary - Mathematics Grades 1-8
Elementary - Reading Grades 1-8
Reading Specialist - All Levels
Master Teacher of Reading - All Levels
E.S.L. Endorsement

I am married to John Rooney, and we have four children. Allison is a registered nurse in Beaumont. She and her husband have given us two beautiful granddaughters, Autumn and Alexis. Our son Joseph is working and living in the Beaumont area with his lovely wife, Kim, and our sweet granddaughters, Isabella and Sloane. William is a math teacher and coach in Corpus Christi. He and his wife, Delyssa, have given us our beautiful granddaughter, Kenzi. Our youngest son, Matthew, just graduated from Texas A&M Kingsville and is working in the field of Industrial Technology.




Approximately 10% to 20% of the U.S. population has a specific learning disability called dyslexia, which is a leading cause of reading challenges in school. As parents, we should learn about the characteristics of dyslexia and what they mean for our children.

Additional Resources: Warning Signs Tip Sheet at www.learningally.org
Understanding Dyslexia Webinar at www.learningally.org

How Audiobooks Support Better Reading and more Effective Learning
Ausiobooks can help children become better readers and more effective learners. If your child is having trouble learning to read or is struggling to keep up with homework, audiobooks can be a powerful tool that can improve reading comprehension, boost confidence, save time on school-work and lead to better grades.

Suggested Resources: Tips for using Audiobooks at www.learningally.org

Recognize That Dyslexia Brings Strengths and Weaknesses

Though children with dyslexia experience difficulties in reading, writing and spelling, they are often bright, talented individuals. We cannot simply focus on their areas of isolated deficits. It is important for parents to understand that we need to balance remediation with a rich and stimulating environment that fosters and nurtures our child's strengths and talents.


Source: www.learningally.org