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Volunteer @ G-PISD


Purpose - Parent / Family & Stakeholder Engagement

Gregory-Portland ISD welcomes and encourages volunteerism in our schools, within our current procedures as established under the "Visitor / Volunteer" section of our Student Handbook(s). The purpose of volunteering with us is to support academic achievement and advancement through parent / family and stakeholder engagement for operational and instructional needs. We thank those who are interested in becoming a volunteer in our school district!


  1. Complete the Volunteer Application (below) and submit to your Campus Principal via email.
  2. Allow up to 14 business days for the G-PISD Human Resources Department to process paperwork and add new volunteer(s) to the campus official / approved volunteer list.
  3. Stand by for contact from Campus Principal (or staff on their behalf) to reach out to you as volunteer opportunities are available.


Submit an Application

All those who are interested in applying to volunteer at one of our campuses and/or participate in a specific program must complete an application in advance. Please click below to access this form. Thank you.

G-PISD Application for Volunteers

G-PISD Solicitud para Voluntarios


Volunteer Opportunities by Campus

Volunteer Recognitions