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Afterschool Childcare

Gregory-Portland ISD understands that we have families in our community with parents/guardians whose work schedules may not align with school arrival and dismissal schedules. Given the varying needs in our community, we are committed to partnering with local childcare centers and the City of Portland to provide afterschool care for students in Pre-K through 5th grades.

We know that a good childcare program can turn the hours after school into productive learning time, and that's a huge benefit for working families and their students. Please take a look at our partners below and choose a provider that works best for your family. Registration into an afterschool program should be completed before the start of the school year to better ensure a smooth process. Additionally, early registration is important as space may be limited for some programs.

Please keep in mind that while G-PISD partners with local providers, and occasionally our facilities may be used when partnering to ensure programs can be provided for families, we do not manage or operate afterschool programs as a district.