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Gregory-Portland ISD is looking for individuals who would like to serve on existing, new, or upcoming committees developed by the district. Stakeholder input is extremely valuable and important to us as we continue to build and refine practices and procedures to provide attain our mission of educating, inspiring, and empowering our students to succeed in life and become the next generation of leaders. Learn more about the committees and how to apply for service below.

District Committees are advisory in nature, providing insight and feedback to administrators and teams. Committees are comprised of Gregory-Portland ISD teachers and staff, family members, community members, and G-PISD students as may be appropriate based on the structure and purpose of the committee(s). The number of representatives from each group varies by committee. 


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District Committees

School / Campus Committees

G-PISD schools across the district each meet with stakeholders within their school communities and throughout our greater community. Each school has their own Campus Site-Based Decision-Making (SBDM) Committee (with responsibilities similar to those listed above for the District SBDM Committee), as well as several standing and ad-hoc committees throughout the school year as needed.

Beginning in the Fall of 2023, a full list of campus committees will be provided here after all schools have finalized their plans for the coming year. In the meantime, if you desire to serve on a campus committee, please complete the application form and indicate any specific preference(s) you may have regarding placement to support various needs and opportunities for engagement in our schools. Thank you!