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Value Limitation and Tax Credits

Chapter 313 Unlimited:

Economic Development in Texas School Districts

A Moak, Casey & Associates Publication

June 2014

Comptroller Biennial Reports: Overdue Reports
The company deadline to turn in all annual and biennial reports was May 15th. All companies with a Chapter 313 agreement signed prior to May 15, 2014 were required to submit both the annual and biennial reports (PDF and Excel versions) to the school districts.

Over the last few weeks, our offices have reviewed the reports that were submitted and we have notified companies if there were any issues. However, there are numerous companies that have yet to submit any of the required reports. As of June 16th, as required by the Comptroller, we will be submitting a list to the Comptroller’s Office of all of the reports that were submitted. We will also be providing a list of those reports that have not been submitted.

We would like to take this opportunity to make one last call to all company representatives to please compete the required forms. If the forms are not submitted there is a potential consequence of the company losing the tax credit payments that the project has earned.

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