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"Hit List" Prank @ G-P Middle School

Thursday, April 18, 2019

TO: Parents/Guardians of G-P Middle School Students

Earlier today, a group of G-P Middle School students was identified by Campus Administration as having passed around a "hit list." The student who originated the list passed it among a group of friends so that others could contribute. Nine student names, and one faculty member, were written at the time the list was confiscated. When the student who originated the list was questioned, the claim was made that it was "just a joke" among the group with no intent to harm anyone.

However, due to the nature of the prank and the fact that specific individuals were named in writing, Campus Administration notified School Resource Officer(s)/Portland Police who are now conducting an investigation. The student who originated the list received strong disciplinary action and has been removed from campus. Additionally, students who contributed a name to the list are being identified and disciplined accordingly.

Campus Administrators contacted parents/guardians of students whose names were among those found on the list. Furthermore, although it was claimed the list was "just a joke," officers are considering whether this situation might be punishable as a threat pending the completion of their investigation.

As a reminder: Please be advised that G-PISD does not tolerate these kinds of behaviors/actions. We will continue to take strong disciplinary action, and involve law enforcement as appropriate, even when students claim circumstances were "just a joke" or "prank." Please continue to keep an open dialogue with your child at home, and encourage them to report anything they see or hear concerning school safety.

Thank you,

G-PISD & G-PMS Administration

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