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COVID-19 ("Coronavirus") | G-PISD News & Information

COVID CASE COUNTS: View current COVID case counts, posted daily, at www.g-pisd.org/COVIDcounts!

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Signs & Symptoms of COVID-19

Per the Center for Disease Control, the top three signs of COVID-19 are: fever, cough, and shortness of breath. However, reports and statistics show that those who carry COVID-19 can spread it to others for up to 14 days before they notice any symptoms. This is why it's important to stay home and stay well.

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Preventing Illness

We hope to receive your continued support as we try to do our part to minimize public interactions and therefore lessen the potential spread of this illness. We also ask that you please consider joining us in following guidelines from medical officials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by avoiding large crowds, electing to avoid or limit travel plans, and continuing to follow best practices for preventing illness. Please see the list of reminders below:

  • Practice excellent handwashing procedures, and encourage students to do the same (minimum 20-second scrub with soap all over hands and forearms, every time);
  • Encourage students to wash hands before every meal, and remind younger students not to place hands (or toys, pencils, etc.) in their mouths;
  • Help your student remember to cough into his/her elbow or forearm, instead of into his/her hand(s), and away from others as much as possible; and
  • Please consider promoting wellness by staying home as much as possible and especially if you, or your child, may not be feeling well or develops a fever.