Independent School District

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Bond, Construction Updates

Bond 2015 - Now in Progress

$117 Million to provide much-needed facilities, materials for G-PISD students

Facilities / Property:
- New Elementary School Campus
- New Middle School Campus
- New High School Addition
- Land Acquisition

Materials / Upgrades:
- New Band Instruments, Music
- Athletic Uniforms
- Theater Equipment
- Technology Upgrades
- Furniture, Interior Needs for New Campuses
- Maintenance Projects (Concession Stands, Athletic Restrooms, etc.); School Buses, etc.

Recent Projects

W.C. Andrews Elementary School

New Campus under Construction
Schedule for Completion - Fall 2018
Funded by Bond 2015

Construction Update as of May 14, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.: Construction for the new W.C. Andrews Elementary School is scheduled for completion in the early Fall of 2018, with classroom move-in to follow before the opening date of this new campus. Because project timelines may have to be adjusted due to unforeseeable circumstances, like weather/rain delays, the district is planning to release a more specific schedule for school opening near the end of construction. As always, safety is a top priority and is being addressed with utmost consideration for our students and families. We are working with the City of Portland to comply with ordinances, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) who manages traffic and school zones along Moore Avenue. Plans are in place to add a sidewalk from Stark Road to (and across the length of) the new school property. We will post additional updates regarding the progress of this campus during the last few months of construction, and thank you for your support of a school bond in 2015 that made this project possible.

Photo taken May 18, 2018:

Architectural Rendering of New W.C. Andrews Elementary Campus:

Ray Akins Wildcat Stadium

GPTV Outdoor Classroom w/ Audio-Visual Display
Schedule for Completion - Sept. 2016
$700,000 Project (funded by Bond 2015 and community sponsorships)

CLICK HERE for the FACT SHEET - Information about this new project!

East Cliff Elementary

Twice the size of former campus @ more than 80,000 square feet
Opened for Fall 2016 | Completed w/in Budget - $1 Million in Savings
$16.9 Million Project (funded by Bond 2012)

CLICK HERE to view an article featuring this school in Design Cost Data Magazine, May/June 2017.

Turfgrass Installed

Completed Sept. 2015
$1.1 Million Construction Project (funding possible through responsible management of district revenue)



George W. Harris All Sports Complex

Completed July 2015
$3.6 Million Project (Bond 2012) (funding possible thanks to community support)




Stephen F. Austin Elementary School

Classroom Addition
Completed July 2015
$1.8 Million Project (Bond 2012) (funding possible thanks to community support)