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Bond, Construction Updates

Bond 2015 - Now in Progress

$117 Million to provide much-needed facilities, materials for G-PISD students

Facilities / Property:
- New Elementary School Campus
- New Middle School Campus
- New High School Addition
- Land Acquisition

Materials / Upgrades:
- New Band Instruments, Music
- Athletic Uniforms
- Theater Equipment
- Technology Upgrades
- Furniture, Interior Needs for New Campuses
- Maintenance Projects (Concession Stands, Athletic Restrooms, etc.); School Buses, etc.

Recent Projects

W.C. Andrews Elementary School

New Campus under Construction | Funded by Bond 2015

Scheduled to Open for School – January 8, 2019* | *Dates, estimates provided in anticipation of school opening. Please keep in mind that unforeseen delays remain possible including, for example, unexpected rainfall.

Photo taken Dec. 4, 2018, as construction crews continue work on the exterior of the campus.

Construction Update as of Nov. 16, 2018 at 4 p.m.: The final phase of construction is in progress at the new W.C. Andrews Elementary School on Moore Avenue. Recently completed site work includes curbs and gutters, entrance aprons and a de-acceleration lane for traffic turning right on Moore Avenue to enter campus property. Air conditioning is now fully operational with test, balance, and commissioning ongoing. Plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work continues through the building. Exterior brick veneer is complete as well as ceilings and millwork in several building areas. Kitchen equipment has been installed. After construction needs are addressed, interior furnishing will begin to prepare for teacher/staff move-in along a planned schedule during the month of December. The G-PISD District Curriculum Team as well as other Directors/Staff, will be teaching classes at the current campus in mid-December so that teachers can spend a couple of work days moving into the new building while learning continues for students.

We continue to work with the City of Portland to comply with ordinances, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) who manages traffic and school zones along Moore Avenue. G-PISD remains in communication with TxDOT to address traffic needs including the reduction of speed limit(s) near the campus. TxDOT has plans to make accommodations for this request and others, most notably with the addition of a turning lane into the campus and the expansion of Moore Avenue currently slated for the year 2020. G-PISD will ensure a sidewalk is added from Stark Road to (and across the length of) the new school property in advance of TxDOT projects.

Campus construction milestones continue to be reached as scheduled, and all expenses remain within the $20 Million budget allotted for campus construction. School officials are planning to welcome students as early as January 8, 2019, provided that no unforeseen delays inhibit project completion. We will post additional updates regarding the progress of this campus as construction continues, and thank our community for supporting a school bond in 2015 that made this project possible.

Photo taken Nov. 14, 2018, as WCA Teachers/Staff begin their first tour of the new campus:

Photo taken Sept. 25, 2018:

Architectural Rendering of New W.C. Andrews Elementary Campus:

Ray Akins Wildcat Stadium

GPTV Outdoor Classroom w/ Audio-Visual Display
Schedule for Completion - Sept. 2016
$700,000 Project (funded by Bond 2015 and community sponsorships)

CLICK HERE for the FACT SHEET - Information about this new project!

East Cliff Elementary

Twice the size of former campus @ more than 80,000 square feet
Opened for Fall 2016 | Completed w/in Budget - $1 Million in Savings
$16.9 Million Project (funded by Bond 2012)

CLICK HERE to view an article featuring this school in Design Cost Data Magazine, May/June 2017.

Turfgrass Installed

Completed Sept. 2015
$1.1 Million Construction Project (funding possible through responsible management of district revenue)



George W. Harris All Sports Complex

Completed July 2015
$3.6 Million Project (Bond 2012) (funding possible thanks to community support)




Stephen F. Austin Elementary School

Classroom Addition
Completed July 2015
$1.8 Million Project (Bond 2012) (funding possible thanks to community support)