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Purpose & Core Features

Gregory-Portland ISD’s commitment to achieving the highest levels of learning for every student is critical to realizing our vision to “Educate, Inspire, and Empower.” In 2021-2022, a Task Force of teachers, campus leaders, and district leaders was formed to develop a Learning Framework and Implementation Plan to enhance learning for all in Gregory-Portland ISD. The Task Force collected many data points including, but not limited to: student learning outcomes, demographic data, and interviews with students, staff, families and community members. The trends were conclusive and drove the design of the Framework.

The Gregory-Portland ISD Learning Framework was developed in alignment to the district’s mission, vision and beliefs. The Framework details the systematic and coherent approach to successfully achieve all essential outcomes in Priority 1 of our Balanced Scorecard by ensuring learning for all no matter the campus or classroom in a shift from teaching TO learning. The Learning Framework and implementation plan provides clear direction for all stakeholders and outlines guidelines and procedures for the design, delivery, monitoring, and evaluation of effective learning in Gregory-Portland ISD.

The following are the core features of the Learning Framework:

  • Provide students with excellent and engaging learning experiences to ensure success now and in the future.
  • Increases alignment and coherence to drive innovation and system interdependence.
  • Learning is not just for students but for all stakeholders because learning is a lifelong process. The G-P Learning Framework focuses on the learning, development, and engagement of all stakeholders.
  • A learner-centered culture is one of the most critical elements that enables all to flourish.
  • The processes of curriculum design, assessment, and instruction will successfully impact learning.
  • Learning takes time and is always changing and adapting. The Learning Framework has an implementation plan including continuous improvement and induction of new staff.


What is the Learning Framework?