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Facility Rentals

Kiera Vest, Abigail Schaberg, and McKenzie Saathoff perform in the GPMS Auditorium.

Photo by Janel Gomez, GPMS Press Corps

Do you need a venue for an upcoming event? We may be able to help! Please view the descriptions below, and contact Mr. Alvarado if you have any questions.


361-777-4042, ext 5001


4600 Wildcat Drive / Seating: 1,000

Control Booth: Back of the House. Stage: There is not a trun fly system but battens can be lower to 8'-0" above the stage. Stage Opening is 48'-6" wide. Stage is 28'-0" deep. Stage Apron 14'-0" from Grand Drape. Access to stage by removable steps on apron or Back stage with a masked cross over. Two small (8 people) dressing rooms stage left (sink and mirrors). Loading Dock stage right with roll up door (8'-0" wide). Lighting: House Beam with 14 ea. 6x9 Lekos. 1st Electric 6 ea. 6" Frensels. 2nd Electric 4 ea. 6 " Frensels w/work light 12" Scoops. 3rd and 4th Electric as well as 1st and 2nd have Border Lights. Border Light Colors: Green, Blue, Red. Sound: Two 15 inch speakers on House Right and Left w/ 24 Channel Mixer, CD Player.


The cafeteria has flexible seating. The cafeteria can seat up 450 people at cafeteria long tables. The total capacity of the room is 1000 people (chairs only). Special Sound and Lighting can be set up for an additional fee. The kitchen is also available for rental.


4601 Wildcat Drive / Seating: 442 with wheelchair access in two locations. There are four aisles and a wide aisle splitting the house.

The GPISD High School Auditorium has a proscenium stage: The Proscenium opening is 48' - 9" wide. The height is 16' - 0". The stage has apron that is 8' - 0" deep, when removed reveals an orchestra pit (7' - 0" deep; 36' - 0" long; 12' - 0" wide). The stage is 32' - 0" deep. Upstage Left and Right are On Stage full dressing rooms. Upstage Center is access by double doors (when open: 14' - 0" wide and 8' - 0" tall) to the Scenic Shop. Which has direct access to the loading dock doors. Located Off Stage Right is the Fly Rail [15 Line Counter Weight System; 4 Electric Wench Lines for Lighting Battens]. Located Off Stage Left is the Stage Lighting Dimmer System. The stage has limited wing and back stage space.

The Grand Drape is Travel Only (opens to Stage Right). The Control Booth (Lighting and Sound) is located at the back of the house. The Booth is floor level and has great visibility of the stage and house. The Control Board for lighting is an ETC Impression Board. The Sound Board can mix up to 48 channels.


The Blue Gym is located on the middle school campus, next to the Wildcat Stadium.

The Blue Gym has pull-out bleachers on all four sides of the court. The rental of the Blue Gym includes the use of two locker rooms.

NOTE: The use of the Concession Stand in the Blue Gym Lobby is not part of the rental agreement. If your organization wishes to have refreshments please notify us two weeks before the event. Please note that the rental fee for the Blue Gym must include a District Representative and District Custodians.


The Brown Gym is the older gym on the middle school campus. It has bleachers on the north side of the gym. The gym has no AC but does have heaters during the colder months.

G-PISD District Local Policy states:
The Brown Gymnasium at the middle school may be used free of charge provided that:
1. The participants in the activity are GPISD students.
2. The maximum term of use is six months from the date of signature of the use agreement. the agreement may be renewed if all of the conditions stated herein are met.
3. The organization shall present proof of nonprofit organization status with the state of Texas prior to the granting or renewal of the agreement.
4. All other provisions of policy and regulation related to facilities use are followed.

A fee may be applied for Custodians.

"GPMS is the one school that has helped me grow academically and physically."

Lydia Roese, GP Class of 2024