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Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

Mr. Alvarado helps direct traffic after school.

Photo by Brandon Castilleja, GPMS Press Corps

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

Reported by Rylee Martinez, GPMS Press Corps

Dear Parents of GPMS,

All vehicles are required to enter 1 of the 2 available lanes at the horseshoe in front of the school building. 7th and 8th graders should be dropped off by the Blue or Brown gym. 6th graders should be dropped off in front of the main building.

At the end of the school day, please pick up your 7th or 8th-grade student in front of the lawn located between the Brown Gym and the end of the parking lot and 6th graders will be picked up in front of the main building, using the horseshoe.

In order to make traffic run in an orderly fashion, we ask that parents utilize only the far right lane to pick up or drop off students and the left lane to drive through to the exit. The exit to the horseshoe will be a right turn only and will also be required to exit 1 of 2 available lanes. This procedure is designed to make drop off/pick up safer and run more smoothly.

Thank you for your cooperation & flexibility.

"This year, GPMS has helped me with being more sociable."

Ava Mata, GP Class of 2024