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House Challenges

Please click here to view/download/print the new house challenges!Please scroll down to see winners of our past house challenges!

Fishing Contest

1st place - Reed Dooms, Jupiter

2nd place - Bella Bartram, Neptune

3rd place - Mariah Kelsey, Mars

Family Photo Contest

Winner: Samantha Boyce, Neptune

Cooking Challenge


Tyler Chatham, Mercury

Ryder Harrison, Saturn & Landon Mayer, Jupiter

Miranda Villalobos, Venus

Custom Lanyard Contest

Winner: James Herndon, Mercury

The Mega House Challenge: Trivia Contest

After school, Friday, September 27

Students gathered to play Kahoot! for house points.

1st place - Venus 8th grade

2nd - Venus 7th grade

3rd - Jupiter 8th grade

Nature Photos

Please click the names of the students below to see their fantastic photography!

1st-place - Shiloh Sawyer: Jupiter

2nd - Jessica Abt: Jupiter

3rd - Mariah Kelsey: Mars

There were several super scenes submitted, including work from:

Aaron Lowry

Adelina Escobar

Adrian Galvan

Allison McMahan

Amy Aguirre

Avery Hayward

Bella Bertram

Ben Rocha

Cassie Felan

Cooper Edwards

Faith Ortega

Gunnar Gleinig

Isaac Velasco

Jaycee Ollmann

Jeana Solis

Jesus Sanchez

Kayden McGuffin

Landen Mayer

Lindsay Conley

Mackenzie Cooper

Maddie Thomas

Madison Ortiz

Matt Elke

Michael Kelly

Nathan Kolb

Nina Steele

Noah Celeski

Olivia Kohleffel

Raul De La Garza

Riley Laws

Thank you for sharing these with us!


The Mega House Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

After school, Friday, August 30

House members worked together to solve clues and complete “The Hunt”. Snacks and drinks were provided. First place house Jupiter received 1000 points!

(Right) Bailey Clarke and Hailey Rasmussen prepare to go on a hunt (a scavenger hunt)! Photo by Jade Lucero, GPMS Press Corps.


Looking Sharp: Crazy Hair


1st-place Mariah Kelsey: Mars (below)

2nd Faith Ortega: Mars (below)

3rd Jesus Sanchez: Mercury (below)


Fancy Fashion: Flip Flops

Deadline: Friday, September 6

1st Adrian Galvan: Venus (below)

2nd DI (Destination Imagination) Team (below)

3rd Jaycee Ollmann (below)

Honorable Mentions (below):

Flip flop photos by Kylar Hudler, GPMS Press Corps.


Spectacular Sports: Best Trick

Please click the names of the students below to view their tricks!

1st-place - Declan Woodall: Saturn

2nd - Ryan Kish: Mercury

3rd - Samantha Boyce: Neptune


Fantabulous Family Fun: Interview

Deadline: Friday, September 6

Drawing Winners:

Noah Celeski: Jupiter

Allison McMahan: Venus

Hunter Haun: Venus

More Interviews:

Savannah Diaz

Ximena Garcia

Ava Hansen

Interviews transcribed by Colton Renfro, GPMS Press Corps.


The Nine Weeker: Fishing

Deadline: Friday, October 11

This challenge allows you to utilize your fishing skills. You will need to take and submit a picture of your biggest catch. You must catch the fish by October 11, 2019. Once you catch the fish, you must submit two pictures. One of you holding the fish, anyone who was with you while you caught the fish, and a sign that says “G-PMS Fishing Challenge”. The second picture must show the fish and a measuring device that captures the complete length of the fish. Please e-mail your pictures to galvardo@g-pisd.org. Please place the words “fishing challenge” in the subject line. Every participant will gain 30 points for their house. First place will receive 200 points for their house and a $25.00 gift card. Second place will receive 150 points for their house and a $20.00 gift card. Third place will receive 100 points for their house and a $15.00 gift card. Your pictures may be featured on the Middle School website as well as a featured article in The GPMS Gazette. We will also display the pictures on a photo wall in the school.

(Right) Tristan Guzman displays his catch of the day!

Photo by Robin Guzman

“GPMS is a very nice and welcoming school. The students, staff, and teachers are hardworking and very helpful. In conclusion, GPMS is a great, very good choice for a school.”

Coleton Christman, GP Class of 2024