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Communities in Schools

Abby Rodriguez, CIS Staff | Phone # 777-2552


Communities In Schools is on site to assist all students with:

Supportive Guidance and Counseling - Services that support and address needs to assist in bringing about positive results in lives.

Health and Human Services - Services that support and promote health awareness, healthy life styles and provide for basic needs

Parental and Family Involvement - Services and activities that support and help to increase the participation of parents in the students' educational experience.

Pre-employment/Employment - Services and activities that promote career awareness, job readiness skills training, preparation of the work-force and attainment of employment.

Enrichment - Services that provide positive social, cultural, recreational, interpersonal skills and experiences to enrich and expand students' understanding of life and involvement in the community.

Educational Enhancement - Services that support all educational areas as needed to promote students' achievement and success in their school experience.

Examples of Services & Activities Include:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Agency Referrals
  • Basic Needs
  • Vision Screening
  • Health Awareness
  • Employment Listings/Resources
  • Higher Education Support
  • Homework Help
  • Parent Meetings
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Pregnancy/Teen Parent Issues
  • School Supplies

“The teachers care for the students’ safety and learning abilities.”

Amber Clements, 8th Grade