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Have you ever wanted to learn about robots and build them? If so, then you should join robotics. The robotics team gets to compete against other schools and have a lot of fun! Please see or e-mail Mr. Wooten (bwooten@g-pisd.org) for more information.

Some of last year’s robotics team: Bella Rodriguez, Damien Quesada, Dante Quesada, Avery Hayward, and Diego Aguillon.

Photo by Mrs. Hayward

What students say:

“The robotics team has taught me so many things, especially patience. Anytime we would program the robots, it always took time for the robot to do its mission. When I think of robotics I will always think of the best learning experience I could have ever received.”

-Bella Rodriguez, GP class of 2023

“Robotics was a huge learning experience for me. It taught me, among other things, the value of teamwork. Without the team and me working together, we never would have accomplished anything, and we certainly wouldn't have made it to state. Robotics was also a good place to just have fun! I made new friends, and I had the chance to reunite with old ones (specifically Jeremy, the robot we used for both last year's and this year's competition).”

- Diego Aguillon, GP Class of 2023

Recycle Your Inkjet Cartridges!

Did you know that you can help the planet and the robotics team at the same time? Simply bring your printer’s empty inkjet cartridges to room(s) N2 or C108, and the robotics team will recycle them for you. Please remember: inkjet cartridges will fit in the palm of your hand. We cannot recycle larger cartridges.