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NEW FOR 2019-2020!

Convinced you're the next big YouTuber? TikTok star? Put your skills to work with GPTV Jr.!

GPTV Jr. is a video production club modeled after Gregory-Portland High School's GPTV.

Once a week, students will meet to learn how to shoot and edit fun videos.

Whether you want to be on-camera or behind it, there's something for everyone!

Students will even have the opportunity to learn from GPTV high school students themselves, and shadow them at Varsity athletic events!

If you didn't make the first meeting, don't fret! Just stop by M215 for information on what you missed.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, December 4th, from 3:45-4:30, in M215.

E-mail Mrs. Whitaker (awhitaker@g-pisd.org) with any questions!

Want to join?

Membership Forms

The following forms must be on file for all members of GPTV Jr.

Get in Touch

Join the GPTV Jr. Remind by texting




Meeting Notes

November 5th

  • Students volunteered to film various electives to create an About Our Electives video for the school. If you're interested in signing up to film for an elective, ask Mrs. Whitaker!
  • Students also worked on the Pink Out Pep Rally/Volleyball video. We hope to have that finished soon.
  • No other meetings are scheduled for the month of November.
  • Please let Mrs. Whitaker know if you'd like to sign up to film the upcoming home boys' and girls' basketball games.

Meeting #4, September 19th

  • Jessica, Ethan, Adin, and Sophia were selected based off of their Get To Know Me videos to shadow at the Varsity football game Friday, September 27th. These students ONLY will get into the Varsity game free.
  • 5 additional students will be selected to shadow the middle school football game Tuesday, October 1st. These students will get into the game free, and will be notified via Remind. They will be selected based off of their Get To Know Me videos.

Meeting #3, September 11th

  • GPTV Jr. made its first trip to the stadium to check out the setup and gear.

See you next Thursday, September 19th!

Meeting #2, September 4th

  • Turn in your Constitution Confirmations and Travel Approvals!
  • Sign up for Remind texts by texting @gptvjr to 81010
  • We will head to the high school next week! Students will walk with Mrs. Whitaker from M215 at 3:45, and must have their travel approval turned in and signed to go. Students will be picked up from the high school at 4:45. Press passes will be handed out at that time.
  • Congratulations to our President, Isaiah Salinas, Vice-President, Hillary Longoria, and Secretary, Jessica Abt on their elections! We can't wait to see where you lead us!
  • Still want to share your Get To Know Me video? Email it to Mrs. Whitaker at awhitaker@g-pisd.org.

See you next Wednesday, September 11th!

Meeting #1, August 28th

  • Welcome!
    • I’m so excited you’ve decided to join GPTV Jr. GPTV Jr. is a video production club modeled after Gregory-Portland High School's GPTV. Once a week, students will meet to learn how to shoot and edit fun videos. Whether you want to be on-camera or behind it, there's something for everyone! Students will even have the opportunity to learn from GPTV high school students themselves, and shadow them at Varsity athletic events!
  • What we’ll be doing this year
    • As a club, we will learn how to shoot and edit videos, as well as video etiquette. Our first few meetings (August 28th and Sept. 4th) will cover these basics. On September 11th, we will head to the high school for our first cross-club meeting with the high school crew. We will also meet at the high school on September 19th to continue learning from the original GPTV. Our first event coverage will be September 27th.
    • Mr. Rains, the high school GPTV sponsor, will only be taking a select few students each game to shadow the high-schoolers on the sidelines. Be on your best behavior, ready to learn, and with your creative cap on to get chosen.
    • Once we have gotten the hang of videoing, we will begin covering middle school events. This will likely begin in October.
  • Constitution and Constitution Confirmation
    • Must be returned by September 11th. A member who joins after the first meeting will have two weeks from their join date to turn in paperwork. If a member does not have their paperwork turned in, they will not receive a press pass and will not be allowed to join us at the high school or any outside of school events until it is turned in.
  • Press Passes and Etiquette
    • GPTV Jr. is a club for EVERYONE, but EVERYONE involved must be respectful and kind in order to receive and keep their press pass. Press gets a bad rap for being rude and inconsiderate. Let’s change that!
    • Use your manners anytime you are filming. “Please”, “thank you”, “yes/no ma’am/sir” will get you a lot further than “LET ME ON THE PROPERTY! I’M PRESS!”
    • People have the right to not be filmed, and that includes you! When asking for an interview or shooting footage, as politely first. If they say no, ask if there is somewhere else you can film or someone else you can interview. Be aware that some students and staff have opted out of pictures/videos on the school website. Be sure to check the opt out list before interviewing.
    • You must have your press pass in order to be allowed to shoot at school events. This also counts as your ticket in (aka, it’s a free event!)
  • Trips to the high school
    • Days in which we head to the high school for our meeting, the club will meet in Mrs. Whitaker’s room and walk TOGETHER. Students must bring all of their belongings with them, and be picked up from the high school. A form is being sent home today regarding this procedure. If your parents do not want you walking to the high school with the club, they will need to note that on the form.
  • Staying in touch
    • Remind! Text @GPTVjr to 81010 RIGHT NOW! I will be posting information there regarding the club regularly, including a calendar with possible events to cover.
  • Officers (President, VP, Secretary)
    • If you would like to run for an officer position, prepare for elections next meeting, September 4th. Each candidate will give a brief speech on why they would like to hold the elected position, followed by an anonymous vote. One person will be selected for each position.
  • Crew Roles
    • Not interested in officer? That’s okay! A crew comprises of many roles. Feel free to try them all!
      • Camera person – Shoots the video
      • Editor – Edits video
      • Director – Directs shoots
      • Producer – Plans shoots
      • Program Assistant – In charge of equipment
      • Teleprompter – In charge of running scripts for talent
      • Talent – In front of camera. Think actor/actress/reporter/anchor
  • Events ahead
    • Some of the events we will likely cover are:
      • Sports/games
      • Clubs/activities
      • School events
      • Anything you want! (that’s appropriate) Think viral challenges, parodies, etc.
  • First assignment
    • Let’s get to know one another! Shoot a video, in landscape mode, showing me all of the things that make you YOU. This can be your favorite activities, your friends, anything APPROPRIATE. The best clips will be cut together to make our first video – meet GPTV Jr. These will also be used as criteria for selecting the first high school football game shadowing crew. Utilize your phone for this! Most smartphones have editing software built in, letting you cut and connect video, add music, and more.
  • Sharing our videos
    • We will have a club Vimeo, which I will link in the Remind. This is where I will share any videos created by GPTV Jr. Feel free to show them off to your friends and family!
    • At the end of the year, Mr. Alvarado has asked that we make a “yearbook” of sorts of our 2019-2020 school year. Start thinking of things you would want to add!
  • Next week
    • Come to the meeting with your “Get to Know Me” assignment ready to show.
    • Running for officer? Have your speech ready!
    • We will continue discussing shooting and editing techniques, as well as taking a look ahead at events we want to cover.

See you next Wednesday, September 4th!



18th - Girls' basketball game, home, 5pm-7:30pm

21st - Boys' basketball game, home, 5pm-7:30pm

Footage for band, choir, building trades, and Destination Imagination is due by Thanksgiving break.


4th - Meeting, 3:45-4:30, M215