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Gifted & Talented


This will be the main site for information sharing from me to you. If you need to share information with me or have questions please email, call, or text me.


Remember, we have mandatory t-shirts that will be required to wear on workshop days. If you have not given me your t-shirt size or money, you will need to do that asap. The price is $15 and shirts will be ready for our October workshop. You can make checks payable to GP Middle School, put GT in the memo line.


I will continue to update the information that needs to be in your portfolios. Please follow these instructions carefully and completely. If you are not sure how to do something, please ask for help.

Instructions for setting up your digital GT portfolio

  1. Log in to your office 365 account using your student email and password
  1. Click on the power point icon
  1. Choose a design layout for your portfolio
  1. On SLIDE 1 include your first and last name, your grade GT Portfolio, Gregory Portland Middle School, and the year 2018-2019
  1. You will need to click on the word SHARE in the upper right corner and input my email. You will only have to do this one time. This link allows me to see your work in progress.

6. SLIDE 2 should have the following information, which will also be hyperlinked to the corresponding slide later in the powerpoint.

GT Workshops 2018-2019

Sept. 11 - Identity (hyperlink to SLIDE 10)

Oct. 23 - STEM (hyperlinked to SLIDE 11 or first slide of STEM)

Nov. 13 -Creativity (hyperlinked to SLIDE 12 or first slide of Creativity)

Jan. 29 - Communication (hyperlinked to SLIDE 13 or first slide of Communication)

Feb. 26 - Math and Engineering (hyperlinked to SLIDE 14 or first slide of Math and Eng.)

March 26 - Cultural Studies (hyperlinked to SLIDE 15 or first slide of Cultural Studies)

April 23- Leadership (hyperlinked to SLIDE 16 or first slide of Leadership)

  1. SLIDE 3 is titled "A Little about Me" with sub categories list (which will also be hyperlinked to the corresponding pages.
    1. Family ( hyperlink to SLIDE 4 or first family slide)
    2. Friends ( hyperlink to SLIDE 5 or first friends slide)
    3. School (hyperlink to SLIDE 6 or first school slide)
    4. My Favorites (hyperlink to SLIDE 7 or first favorites slide)
    5. Resume (hyperlink to SLIDE 8 and list jobs you have been paid for doing)
    6. Community service (hyperlink to SLIDE 9 and list volunteer activities)
  1. SLIDE 4 is titled Family (add pictures and fun things about family)
  1. SLIDE 5 is titled Friends (add pictures and fun things about your friends)
  1. SLIDE 6 is titled School (add any activities or groups you are involved in)
  1. SLIDE 7 is titled My Favorites and has the following list. Fill in your faves.






Things I wonder about:

11. SLIDE 8 is titled Resume and lists jobs you have been paid to do

12. SLIDE 9 is titled Community Service and lists your volunteer activities, including NJHS volunteering

13. SLIDE 10 is titled September 11, 2018 and is linked to SLIDE 2 (Sept entry)

(add notes/pics from the day's lessons)

Pre and post "What I Think Giftedness Means" videos inbedded

Results defined for introverts and for extroverts

Myers Briggs Personality Type Assessment

Multiple Intelligence Strength

Creativity test

14. SLIDE 11 is titled October 23, 2018 and is linked to slide 2 (Oct entry)

I will be verifying you have done this portion the night before the next scheduled after school training. If you are not up to date with your slides, you will not be able to go on the trip. If you have trouble, do the parts you can and ask me, your peers, or your parents for help. I stay after school most days, M210.



The new design of the Gifted and Talented program at GP Middle School will be a monthly workshop on topics related to college and career readiness. These workshops will be held in various venues in the community to introduce students to resources and experts in various fields of study. This pullout program will include all GT identified students in grades six through eight. On each trip there will be a 10:1 ratio of students to chaperone to keep the groups small and the direct instruction more hands-on. We are excited about the possibilities to inspire our middle school students to start planning, so they can take advantage of the many opportunities GP High School offers students, such as Pre-AP, AP, CTE, and Dual Credit classes. Here are the following dates to remember.

PARENTS: If you have not attended a parent meeting, a hold will be placed on your child's workshop attendance until you meet with Mrs. Reininger.

Month of Workshop



August 28

GP Middle School in the cafeteria

Kick off GT team building

Parent Meeting at 5:30

September 6

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

MAKE UP Parent Meeting at 5pm

Prep for Identity workshop

Setting up digital portfolios

Permission slips

September 11

GP Training Center

Identity workshop

Social and emotional needs of GT

October 9

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for Science & Tech workshop

Permission slips

October 23

Del Mar West

Science and Technology workshop

Culinary, Aviation, EMT, Nursing, 3D

November 6

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for Creativity workshop

Permission slips

November 13

Portland Community Center

Cardboard creativity challenge

Holiday Break

January 15

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for Communications workshop

Permission slips

January 29

Early Scholars Academy

Communications workshop

Unlocking college and careers

February 12

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for Math and Engineering workshop

Permission slips

February 26


Math and Engineering workshop

Campus tour, Q&A with collegiates

March 5

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for Cultural Studies workshop

Permission slips

March 26

King Ranch

Cultural Studies workshop

Tour king ranch and museum, Cowboy BBQ

April 2

After school pre-training in the cafeteria

Prep for April Workshop

Permission slips

April 23

April 29

After school planning in the cafeteria

Prep for Showcase

April 30

GP Middle School Community Showcase in the Cafeteria

Highlighting the workshops and what the students have learned this year


“G-P is a place where imagination can become reality.”

Matthew Rush, 8th Grade