High School

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Coach Paul Bayne

English IV  | Soccer  & Football Coach | Chess Club



Email: pbayne@g-pisd.org

Phone: 361/777-4251 ext. 6448 (I do not have a phone in my room.  The best way to contact me is by email.)


Period Class
1st Football
2nd English IV
3rd English IV
4th Freshmen Football
5th English IV
5th B Lunch 
6th English IV
7th Conference/Planning Period

Tutorials: Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00--7:45 A.M. 



This is my 24th year of teaching English at Gregory-Portland High School. The last 17 years, I have also been one of the Boys Soccer Coaches. I will also be coaching freshmen blue football and an offensive line coach.. I also am one of the Chess Club sponsors. The most effective way to reach me is via email.





- Pens (blue or black ink only)

- Paper

- 3-Ring Binder (this may be shared with other classes)

Bring to my class by the first week: 1 box of Kleenex, 1 packet of colored pencils or markers, 1 packet of colored paper (these items will be used throughout the year.)



1. Access to a good, working computer (with a word processor, powerpoint and Internet access) and a working printer.

2. Access to a video camera. Digital cameras have video mode. Most cell phones have a video camera but do not have a long enough recording feature and take longer to transfer to a DVD. G-PHS has a video class that works with students if the proper sign-up is made.

3. A USB memory stick (also called a 'flash drive').



Student will be issued a textbook for home and there will be a set in class. A novel may be issued to them from time to time. The novel will need to be brought to class every day.



Essays and projects - 50%

Tests - 30%

Daily Work - 20%

LATE WORK: Most of the work (about 85--90%) will be done in class. The work will be due at the end of the class period. Because of this daily work will not be accepted late!

Most essays will be done in class and will not be accepted late!

Major project will be done in class and some at home. There will be a window of opportunity to complete the assignment. After the window of opportunity has passed no late projects will be accepted.