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How-To: Request library materials/Curbside Service

Beginning September 8, 2020 our library will be providing curbside service for those patrons who want to check out library materials. Whether you are on campus or virtual you can request your materials the same way. If you are on campus, I will deliver your request to your classroom. If you are virtual, we can set up a time and date for you to pick up your library materials. Just fill out the form below to get started!

Click on Virtual Tutorial to learn how to reserve items and utilize curbside services.

How to reserve items and utilize curbside services:

- Visit Destiny

-Click on Gregory Portland High School

-Click on catalog on the top left hand side of the page.

-In the search box next to "Find" type in your search.

-Click on the item you are interested in & check the "availability status" on the right hand side. If it is available write down the title and author's name.

-Click on the link to fill out the form to request your book!