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Welcome to the Gregory Portland High School Library!

Library Media Specialist

Ms. Costilla


361.777.4251 ext: 6024

My name is Michelle V. Costilla and I am the GP High School librarian. I am a former WILDCAT, so that makes working for GP an honor! This is my 17th year with this outstanding district. I started out my career as a second grade teacher at T.M. Clark Elementary, which is where I went to elementary. I spent ten AWESOME years there and enjoyed it very much. While I was teaching I started working on my Masters degree in Library and Information Science. Upon completion I came to work here at the high school as a library assistant, my goal was to get library experience. When a librarian position became available at GP Middle School, I applied for the job and got it! I spent three amazing years at the middle school gaining a lot of experience. Now I am back here at the high school and I am super excited!

The G-P High School Library mission is to support the curriculum for both our students and staff, to provide a welcoming environment, and to promote learning and the love of reading. We offer a variety of resources including books, magazines, databases, and computer access to help provide the information our students need. My goal for our school library is to be the welcoming heart of our school where all come to learn, discover, create, and connect.

I know this school year is very different. We are still committed to providing our students with quality literature. While many of us prefer reading paper books, during the age of Covid-19 we are turning more and more to digital resources. EBooks and E Audio books are becoming omnipresent. We are working diligently to acquire more EBooks and E Audio books for our students.

Please visit Bell/Whittington Public Library. They are providing Curbside Service for their patrons. They also have E-Book Resources available with thousands of free Ebooks. Check it out!Please click on the red links for more information.

Useful Links

Destiny is what we use for our library catalog. A library catalog is a listing of all of the materials available in the library. Click on Destiny Catalog in red to access our online library catalog.

Library of Congress Teen Page gives teens the opportunity to explore, discover, and to make something new. Click on the link to hear from your favorite authors and poets and get inspired with collections and writing prompts. You can also discover ebook classics available in their entirety. This is an AWESOME resource, check it out!

Obooko provides quality Free Teen & YA books for your phone or tablet now! If you are looking for stories that are contemporary and relate to teenage life today, click on the red link. Obooko gives you 24 hour access to a huge range of downloadable ebooks.