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Attendance Matters!

Parents/Families -- Please use the following email address to contact our Attendance Clerk and send notes related to absences or other attendance-related communication. Thank you!

OFFICIAL EMAIL for HIGH SCHOOL: HS_attendance@g-pisd.org

Crista Camacho, Attendance Clerk | G-P High School

Welcome to the Attendance Page at G-PHS.

Please arrive at school before classes begin.

School starts at 7:59am


If a student is checked out during the day for a doctor’s appointment, the student must present the (original) excuse issued by the doctor’s office upon returning to school. Even If the student comes to school during passing time they will need to sign in at the attendance office.

In accordance with the state law: The appointment must be a face-to-face consultation with a health care professional. A consultation over the phone or via video is not considered an appointment with a health care professional.

If a student is absent for any reason they should bring the original doctor’s note or written parent note explaining the reason for the absence to the attendance office the next day. All notes must have the students first and last name and date on them. Notes will not be accepted beyond 5 school days after the student’s return. Only 5 parent excuses will be accepted throughout the school year.

Note: The district is not required to excuse any absence, even if the parent provides a note explaining the absence, unless the absence is an exemption under compulsory attendance laws.

In accordance with the state law, every student who has reached the attendance threshold of 3 or 7 days missed, will be issued a letter stating the attendance laws.

A child’s attendance at school is mandated by Law according to the:

  • Texas Education Code Section 25.085
  • Truancy is defined in the Texas Family Chapter 65
  • Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance: The Texas Education Code Section 25.093

Other Helpful Information:
Driver License Attendance Verification (VOE)
Students needing to renew their driver's license or getting a permit MUST obtain a Verification of Attendance form from the Attendance Office. Please sign up in the attendance office. A 48 hour advance notice is required to obtain a VOE form. Students must be in compliance with the attendance policy to obtain this form.