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CAREER CRUISING Student Application:

G-PHS students are encouraged to frequently use CAREER CRUISING to manage long-term college and career goals. Click this link for login access and info: www.careercruising.com

Career Resources and Tools

Texas Workforce Solutions Website

Texas Workforce Solutions has numerous programs to help our students and parents with career choices. They have a monthly report that shows the latest and most popular jobs as well as the ones that are in the most need.


Career Coach is a career information resource made possible through the WFSCB website. The Career Coach offers current employment trends with their wage, and monthly job postings in the Coastal Bend. It also assists undecided students and job seekers with career assessments and a resume writer!


Texas Reality Check Use Texas Reality Check to find out if the career you are thinking of will cover your expenses.

This tool allows students/parents to estimate how much money they could earn in the future and how much money they may have to spend. Students are amazed at how much items cost after using this tool. It also helps them to determine the careers they may want to choose in order to match their lifestyle plans.

Links to Commonly-Visited Colleges, Universities & Trade Schools:








SAT- ACT Prep Guide

Scholarships and Testing Dates

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