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Congratulations Girls Wildcat Soccer - District Champions!!



G-P Students competed at the San Antonio FRC Robotics Event

This past weekend, a group of our G-P students competed at the San Antonio FRC robotics event. Unlike our smaller robots where we have small groups of students on multiple teams, this program has all of our students work together to make one large-scale robot. Our students were able to overcome issues early on in the event to finish the event in the 2nd place alliance! Our students also earned the Rookie Inspiration award. Please help me in congratulating these students on their hard work so far this season! Our next event is in Houston in two weeks and they are already working hard to improve and repair their robot after this event. 

Brayden Ramsey
Caleb Murillo
Camden Woodall
Damian Charles
Dean Retzer
Emiliano Rivas
Gael Garza
Jesse Riojas
Joe Vasquez
Jorge Dominguez
Kadon Howard
Kaleb Puente
Kris Vargas
Nick Garza
Rollie Mireles
Sean Charles
Sean Rios
Vincent Nguyen
Vivien Gordon

UIL Academic Invitational - First Place Sweepstakes 

Gregory-Portland Academic students competed at their final UIL Invitational this past Saturday in Taft, where they had a fantastic showing.  Aside from the numerous top 6 finishes, the Academic team came home with First place Sweepstakes in the Large school division.  If you see any of these students or their sponsors, please Congratulate them. Winning for GP were: 

1st Place Co-Champion- Lily Stuart 
1st Place Co-Champion- Elias Vasquez 

1st Place- Ariel Castellano 
2nd Place- Avery Hayward 
5th Place- Austin Martinez 

2nd Place- Ariel Castellano 

2nd  Place- Christopher Sanchez 
2nd Place- Elias Vasquez 

1st Place- Aleena Roy 
2nd Place- Savannah Aguilar 
3rd Place- Abigail Becka 
4th Place- Mark Trevino 
5th Place- Jaiden Vo 

1st Place- Aleena Roy 
2nd Place- Savannah Aguilar 
3rd Place-  Abigail Becka 
4th Place- Mark Trevino 
5th Place- Jaiden Vo 

1st Place- Savannah Aguilar 
2nd Place- Jaiden Vo 
3rd Place- Mark Trevino 
4th Place- Abigail Becka 
5th Place- Aleena Roy 

1st Place- Jaiden Vo 
2nd Place- Aleena Roy 
3rd Place- Mark Trevino 
4th Place- Christopher Sanchez 
5th Place- Abigail Becka 

1st Place- Jaiden Vo 
2nd Place- Aleena Roy 
3rd Place- Abigail Becka 
4th Place- Mark Trevino 
5th Place- Savannah Aguilar 

4th Place for 10th Grade- Eric Valdez 
5th Place for 11th Grade- Aislinn Navarro 
5th Place for 12th Grade- Reagan Horner 

2nd Place for 12th Grade- Elisabeth Miller 
3rd Place for 10th Grade- Elena Miller 
5th Place for 10th Grade- Eric Valdez 
9th Place for 11th Grade- Aislinn Navarro 

2nd Place for 10th Grade- Elena Miller 
3rd Place for 12th Grade- Elisabeth Miller 
6th Place for 10th Grade- Eric Valdez 
7th Place for 11th Grade- Aislinn Navarro 

3rd Place for 12th Grade- Elisabeth Miller  
3rd Place for 10th Grade- Elena Miller 
4th Place for 10th Grade- Eric Valdez 

GPHS Hosted the Annual VASE Competition

Our wonderful GPHS hosted the annual VASE competition (Visual Arts Scholastic Event). This was our first in-person event since 2020. There were 15 high schools within our region competing with a total of 423 artworks.  

Participants have an 8–10 minute interview with a juror and are scored on the following criteria.

  • Student research and application to work
  • Artwork sources

  • Execution and technique

  • The use of elements and principles of art

  • Aesthetics and critical judgment

  • Personal expression

Jurors employ the following rating system to designate the degree of proficiency in which the student developed the VASE standards leading to the level of artistic quality within their work; Rating IV- Excellent,  Rating III- Strong,  Rating II - Developing,  Rating I- Emerging

The GP Art Department had 38 students who submitted 57 artworks!  We are proud to announce that our kids came home with 3 Area Medals and will advance to State!!  45 Regional Medals- Rating IV's!! and 5 Rating III's!! 

Area Medalists (These students will represent G-PHS and Region 2 at State VASE in April)

Ashley Garcia Songs in The Silence 

Jaylin McLennan Random Studio Objects

Layla Rodriguez Unfinished Business

Regional Medalists:  Rating IV- Excellent 
Diego Aguillon

Giovanna Attia
Emma Anderson 
Alejandrina Carrillo (2 Medals)
Michael Cruz
Emily Franks (2 Medals)
Adrian Galvan
Ashley Garcia 
Cali Gregory
Isabella Harsh
Jazmin Jackson
Taylor Laughlin
Jazlyn Leal (2 Medals)
Avery Ledet (2 Medals)
Ailani Mancias (2 Medals)
Carmen Martinez (2 Medals)
Sophia Martinez
Jaylin Mclennan (2 Medals

Kariane Mcmahon(2 Medals)
Jillian Merriman

Malerie Mendoza
Michael Miles 
Jaycee Ollmann (2 Medals)
Bayleigh Reed 
Layla Rodriguez (2 Medals)
Trey Roberts (2 Medals)
Victoria Smith (2 Medals)
Livia Smith
Karmen Thomas 
Violet Trent (2 Medals)
Isaac Velasco (2 Medals)
Noelia Vazquez-Castro
Lucy Vo

Participants: Rating III- Strong
Brooklyn Andersen
Ashley Berlanga
Bobbi Catalano
Jordan Manahan
Kendall Post

Please click the link to view all the artworks. VASE 2022-23_GP_ Student Artworks.pdf

Please congratulate our kids on another job well done as they represented our school and community in honorable fashion!  

TAMUK Engineering Competition

Our students did well at their task of designing and building a roller coaster from provided materials; the team of Sean Rios, Colton Converse, Jacob Talbot, and Jesse Riojas finished in 2nd place with their design shown below. Please help me in congratulating these students when you see them! 

This past Saturday more than 50 of our G-PHS Robotics students spent the day at their FTC District Championship. Awards are listed below as well as descriptions of each; our students did outstanding with 2 teams advancing directly to the regional tournament at the end of February and the other 3 all advancing to the Semi-regional (area) tournament. Please congratulate any of these students you may see today! 

G-P Robotics Synergy (12302): Tournament Winning Alliance Captain, Inspire Award Winner

G-P Robotics Dissension (15725): 3rd Place Inspire award winner,  2nd place Innovate Award winner, Control Award Winner

G-P Robotics Fusion (16828): Tournament Winning Alliance 

G-P Robotics Entropy (16831): Innovate Award Winner,  3rd place Control Award  winner

G-P Robotics Unity (16832): 2nd Place Inspire Award Winner, Connect Award Winner, 2nd place Control Award winner, 2nd place Motivate award Winner, 2nd place Design Award Winner

Inspire: The Inspire Award is the top award for an FTC team. It is given to a team that consistently rises to the top in other awards categories.

Connect: This award is for teams that work with their local STEM community and corporate community.

Innovate: The Innovate award is for teams with innovative robots or robot mechanisms.

Control: The Control award is meant to recognize a team that has a good software solution to make their robot “intelligent”. It’s known as the “software award” and is for the team with the best or most innovative software and sensor solution for the game.

Motivate: The Motivate Award is one of the two outreach awards. It’s for teams that work with their local and FIRST® community to grow both.

Design: The Design Award is one of the robot awards that primarily focuses on the hardware aspect of the robot. It is for robots that are both functional, aesthetic, and use good design practices, including CAD.

Read More about G-PHS Robotics - FTC District Championship.
“The environment and education here is the best around.
The spirit (we have) makes this school a great place to be."Jacob Sandoval, 12th Grade