Progress Timeline

Early Childhood Center | Posted: 11.18.2022

Project Milestones Achieved

Gregory-Portland ISD is EXCITED to share that progress is being made for the development of curriculum, staffing, and operation of the new Early Childhood Center. Additionally, building design and construction simultaneously advances as we work toward our goal of opening the new campus with a comprehensive plan, strategy, and focus on student success with great value for the G-P community. Here, you’ll find a progress timeline to show the milestones achieved as well as those soon to come. Thank you for your support, G-P! 


  • Nationally-renown School Empowerment Network continues to support G-PISD with coaching, planning, and strategic development of the new Early Childhood Center (ECC) 

  • Next-phase collaboration and continued networking with fellow school leaders and teachers across the state who have implemented experiential learning models similar to the direction we’ll take with this new campus 

  • School Quality Review is being conducted, with visits twice per year and a host of stakeholder meetings (including G-PISD parents, teachers, students, etc.) to assess project development and set goals together based on the needs of our district 

  • Development of comprehensive Educator Guides continues, with refined content for above-and-beyond learning through experiences at the campus, inclusive of G-P teachers’ input and activity ideas 

  • Translator contracted to ensure the accuracy of English and Spanish text/activities found in Educator Guides, as well as displays throughout the building 

  • Formed Launch Team comprised of G-P teachers to aid in planning needs, training 

  • Above-and-beyond curriculum for this learning model is now being piloted at all four G-PISD elementary schools for Kindergarten students, and at WCA and TMC for Pre-K students, using high-quality instructional materials with support from ECC leaders 

  • Hired Assistant Director of the Early Childhood Center, Mrs. Linda Cox 

  • Interviews underway to consider G-PISD teachers for positions at the new school 

  • Campus architectural design firm (Huckabee Architects) meetings continue, with the building fundamentally designed last year and decisions now being made for furniture, fixtures, and other interior needs 

  • Committee formed to interview and select vendor(s) for campus furniture, with an intention to ensure that selections are vetted by a team of educators (as these decisions will directly impact the pedagogy of the campus learning model) 

  • Planning underway for creating a full plan for student self-regulation and discipline at the new school, based on a focus to build executive functioning skills in students from an early age and address their most immediate needs for love, care, compassion, attention, and independence 

  • Bond 2022 Proposition A failed in November of 2022, which included a Reimbursement Resolution ($16.4 Million) that would have covered the cost for the remainder of project completion 


  • G-PISD awarded a $1.25 Million grant to initiated the first year of partnership with the nationally-renown School Empowerment Network to help develop every aspect of the new building from the school model, social-emotional to routines, campus procedures, curriculum development, scheduling, hiring, school culture, etc.  

  • Conducted site visits across Texas to schools with unique design plans and/or similar experiential learning models to develop architectural and preliminary curriculum designs based on research, data, and the experiences of those currently overseeing state-of-the-art school buildings 

  • G-P teachers were selected to meet with the district’s exhibit contractor (Exhibit Concepts) to share their creative ideas for activities to be applied in the experiential classrooms – all of which are above and beyond standard state-required curriculum 

  • G-PISD presented a successful presentation and report to the Texas Education Agency (TEA, June 2022), which allowed the continued funding of a grant to work with the School Empowerment Network in the development of this instructional model 

  • Hired Director for the Early Childhood Center, Mrs. Robin Rice 

  • District Facilities Master Planning process and assessment of project budget with adjusted estimates since pre-COVID conditions, as well as the addition of eight (8) classrooms to the campus due to increasing G-PISD enrollment, revealed need for additional funds to complete the project totaling $16,442,649 as of May 2022. 

  • Contractors hired by the district to conduct geotechnical surveys and initiate construction, including Weaver & Jacobs Constructors, Inc.; Rock Engineering; Stridde, Callins, and Associates; and more 

  • Conducted Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new campus, inclusive of student, staff, and community involvement to celebrate this landmark moment in G-P history 


  • G-PISD passed Bond 2020 based on planning efforts that took place prior to the hiring of our current Superintendent, Dr. Michelle Cavazos 

  • Project budget of $37,612,295 was established as part of Bond 2020, prior to COVID-19 conditions and changes being experienced across the world (and subsequent inflation seen in the years to follow, inclusive of 30-50 percent increases for construction projects as of November 2022) 

  • District hired Huckabee Architects and Exhibit Concepts to design the facility. 

  • Community and district participants engaged in a series of Design Charettes with architects and district leaders to develop building design model in a collaborative fashion, including everything from exterior to interior building design based on stakeholder feedback 

  • G-PISD's Superintendent initiated an internal research and creative opportunity for G-PISD students to be involved in the design process, having classrooms across the district read the book “If I Built a School” together. Students created their own artistic drawings to depict what they wanted their new school to look like, and those ideas were shared during design stakeholder meetings – and have been included in the development of building design elements throughout the ECC.