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Progress Timeline - Early Childhood Center (ECC)

Our G-P team has been making incredible progress toward the completion of our new Early Childhood Center! We've developed a Progress Timeline where we're providing updates and information about what's been accomplished so far, and will be adding to this list. Please review to stay informed, and make sure you check this website for any updates; follow us on social media; and/or sign up for G-P News via email. Thank you!

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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) for our G-P Community

We're EXCITED about what's coming for G-PISD with the progress toward our new Early Childhood Center opening and operation! Here on our website, we'll be posting information to keep you informed -- including a running list of Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs).

We will be updating this document and posting the date when additions are made from now until the opening of the new school. If you have a question that's not on the list, you can click here ... or click the red "Contact Us" button on our website home page. Thank you for your continued support and partnership, G-P!

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G-PISD continues to make progress toward the opening of the new Early Childhood Center, and this week we're sharing a full report with our G-P community to keep you informed and ready to advance education for our Wildcats together in ways that will elevate learning for generations to come! In this message, you'll find answers to some common questions and learn how you can access additional information. 

Please CLICK HERE, or below, to watch a video update featuring our Superintendent and district leaders involved with this project. Thanks for your support and partnership, G-P!

Early Childhood Center - Project Report | Nov. 2022 from Gregory-Portland ISD on Vimeo.

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“Wonder constantly.
Work and play together.
Choose kindness."- ECC CORE PRINCIPLES -