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Scholarships for G-P Students

Applications for Annual Awards

Scholarships Awarded to Date

History of Scholarship Awards to Gregory-Portland ISD students totaling $7,500

2019 | Scholarship Awards
Arturo AcostaSgt. John Wayne Russell Memorial Scholarship
Laurna McFarlandMolly Jackson-McConville Music Scholarship
Elisse GibbensMichael P. McConville STEM Scholarship
Cynthia VuAnna and Gloria Perez Memorial Scholarship
Allyson HoskinsonDavid S. Salinas Scholarship

2018 | Scholarship Awards
Michael David BakerSgt. John Wayne Russell Memorial Scholarship
Dmitriy StegallMolly Jackson McConville Music Scholarship
Albert GarzaDolly Mircovich Memorial Scholarship (Final Award, Funds Expended)

2017 | Scholarship Awards
Alexsandria MirandaSgt. John Wayne Russell Memorial Scholarship
John NesmithMolly Jackson McConville Music Scholarship
Ashley HootenDolly Mircovich Memorial Scholarship

2016 | Scholarship Award
Brittany Miller-BordersDolly Mircovich Memorial Scholarship