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Annual Giving Campaign - INDIVIDUAL DONORS | 2023-24

The Gregory-Portland Education Foundation is kicking off their first ever Annual Campaign for the 2023-2024 school year -- Every dollar donated supports the G-PEF's mission to fund grants to G-P teachers/staff for creative classroom programs, and scholarships for G-P students! We invite YOU to join us and be part of #GPgives4kids

  • $5 Monthly Gift = "Rock Stars" T-Shirt
  • $15 Monthly Gift = T-shirt & Car Decal w/ Full-Body Wildcat
  • $25 Monthly Gift = T-shirt, Decal, Keychain & Wrap-Around Graphic Travel Mug (40 oz)

Show your support and donate today WHILE SUPPLIES LAST by:

(1) CLICKING HERE to complete the donor form and provide your shirt size; and

(2) Click the "DONATE" button above and make a monthly Paypal donation (click the select box on the donation page to set up monthly donations)! (You can also make a one-time donation for the year by cash or check if desired; just contact the G-PEF at 361.777.1091, ext. 1030, or via email to communications@g-pisd.org.)



EVERY DOLLAR DONATED supports the G-P Education Foundation’s mission which includes funding grants to teachers for innovative classroom programs, and scholarships for G-PISD students! We invite YOU to join us and be part of #GPgives4kids!

THE WORK WE'RE DOING: Right now, we're offering a grant opportunity for G-P teachers to apply and receive funding THIS YEAR for creative and engaging initiatives to help students in their classrooms (CLICK HERE for grant application / info!).

Your gift to the #GPgives4kids campaign will help fund grants like these ... and more!


OUR GOAL = 1,000 community members donating $5 per month for G-P kids!

A small monthly gift, with a BIG lasting impact in our schools!


Your G-P Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means your gift is tax deductible. The G-PEF Board of Directors joins our community in support of education, and remains inspired by the generosity of our supporters and the enthusiasm of teachers and staff who put their energy, time, and endless efforts forward to help our children succeed. Together, we can help them make even more opportunities available in our classrooms and for our students!


Contact us @ 361.777.1091, ext. 1030, or email: sreckaway@g-pisd.org