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Be Safe * Be Responsible * Be Respectful 


Be Safe

• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. • Do not open outside doors. • Walk in a line and give space between you and others.

Be Responsible

• Take the quickest route. • Go directly to your destination. • Do not leave your classroom without teacher permission.

Be Respectful

• Walk quietly on campus. • Listen to adult directions.



​​​​​​​Be Safe

• Play safely in assigned areas. • Be aware of your surroundings. • Line up when your teacher calls.

Be Responsible

• Pick up trash and personal belongings. • Follow directions right away. • Enter building quietly.

Be Respectful

• Use kind words. • Play fairly and include everyone. • Respect each other’s space. • Listen to your teachers.

Lunch Area

​​​​​​​Be Safe

• Walk at all times. • Stand in line. • Stay seated. • Eat only your food.

Be Responsible

• Follow directions. • Make healthy lunch choices. • Clean up after yourself.

Be Respectful

• Use inside talking voices. • Use manners. • Raise your hand, if you need assistance.


​​​​​​​Be Safe

• Keep your hands to yourself. • Keep water in the sink. • Wait your turn. • Leave all materials in the classroom.

Be Responsible

• Wash your hands. • Get right back to class. • Leave no trace. • Be quick but remember to walk.

Be Respectful

• Give privacy to others. • Clean up after yourself. • Use an inside voice.

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