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Legislative Priorities

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The Gregory-Portland ISD Board of Trustees has adopted the following legislative priorities in advance of the 86th Texas Legislative Session, with consideration for our students, staff, and community, and all Texas public school students.


  • Reinvesting recapture funds in the public education system.
  • Increasing the basic allotment for all public schools.
  • A simplified, reformed school finance system that provides for the needs of all public schools and adequately addresses the current substantial loss of locally generated M&O revenue for high-wealth districts through state recapture, as well as significant funding needs still prevalent among low-wealth districts.
  • Transparency regarding how the state uses recapture funds from high-wealth districts.
  • A rating system that does not rely on letter grades for schools or standardized testing, but instead focuses on meaningful measures of student progress and school performance.
  • Increased state funding to offset rising healthcare costs associated with state programs including TRSActiveCare and TRSCare, and the protection of defined benefit pension for public school employees.
  • Providing districts the same authority and flexibility as cities and counties to adjust tax rates within a voter-approved range/limit.
  • Providing funding for full-day, high quality Pre-Kindergarten program(s).
  • Increased funding to support the purchase of technology and instructional programs/materials.
  • Increased funding to support school safety enhancements.
  • Allow Transportation allotment for Chapter 41 school districts.
  • Protecting the District of Innovation law as it pertains, in particular, to flexibility in school calendar planning.


  • Distributing tax dollars to systems of private education that are not held to the same laws, regulations, and requirements as public school systems (including but not limited to vouchers, tax credit scholarships, entitlements, etc.).
  • A broken school finance system that requires recapture from high-wealth districts to the point of near insolvency while failing to resolve the funding needs of low-wealth districts as originally intended in law.
  • A basic letter-grade rating system primarily based on standardized testing, which is misleading for the public and was not established with consideration for the exceptional work of teachers and students across the state.

Copyright Notice

This information/content was developed for G-PISD by teachers and staff and therefore is the intellectual property of the District. No person is authorized to publish, reproduce, or use this information in any manner without the express written permission of a District Administrator. Thank you.