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Board Recognitions

G-PISD aims to recognize and celebrate individuals for their accomplishments, and those recognitions are provided through our schools and programs in a variety of ways. Since it is virtually impossible to honor all our incredible students, staff, and families/community in a limited forum or fashion, guidelines are necessary to ensure an appropriate level of recognition for various honors including recognizing above-and-beyond performance before the School Board at their scheduled board meetings. 

Request Form

After reviewing the requirements and guidelines (below), you can complete the BOARD RECOGNITION REQUEST FORM for any individual(s) and/or group(s) to be recognized at a G-PISD board meeting. Requests must be made a minimum of 10 business days in advance of the preferred or upcoming school board meeting.

School Board meeting dates are posted here on our website. If you have more questions about board recognitions, please call 361.777.1091, ext. 1057, or email to communications@g-pisd.org. Thank you! 


Requirements & Guidelines

Recognition Process @ Board Meetings


1. RSVP! - Make sure you RSVP to the district or campus employee who provided notification. RSVPs as early as possible are vitally important as certificates and materials must be printed. The board will only publicly recognize those who have confirmed they will attend in person. This procedure allows the recognition portion of the meeting to proceed with the interest of valuing the time of all in attendance. 

2. ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY! - This allows campus/district teams to ensure all individual(s) being recognized are accounted for in advance of the meeting, and allows time for any question(s) you may have upon arrival.

3. FOLLOW STAFF DIRECTIONS & PROCESS FLOW - The district will provide specific instructions via email to each individual(s) being recognized, which will include a map of where to report; how to line up for recognition; what to know for photos that will be taken; and other general information regarding what to expect before and during the board meeting.


Recent Recognitions w/ Photo Gallery