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Superintendent's Student Ambassador Council (SSAC)

2023-24 Council Members

Shifa Ali

Christian Pizzini

Aubrey Connor

Cole Dowell

Emiliano Rivas

Bella Davis



Ryland Campbell

Kaitlyn Lippen

Andrew Armentor

Dean Retzer

Karina Salinas

Anthony Michael Kelley

Maria Soliz-Solis

Mikeaya Burns

Colton Simmons

Adam Guzman

Dr. Michelle Cavazos, Superintendent

SSAC Previous Members

Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Gregory-Portland ISD Superintendent’s Student Ambassador Council (SSAC) is to serve an advisory role to the Superintendent, and provide an avenue of engagement and leadership development for students. The SSAC will support the district’s vision, mission, and goals through student input and participation in areas that impact academic performance, learning environment, involvement in activities, and overall experience at G-PISD.


The SSAC consists of between 16-22 students at G-P High School. Membership is intended to be reflective of the student body, with a cross-section of student representatives involved in different activities, with varying backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Members are recommended annually by campus administration for the Superintendent’s approval.

Terms & Expectations for Service

All members serve for one school year, and must maintain academic standing with passing grades, 90% attendance, and no disciplinary infractions. Members will have an annual opportunity in the Spring to express interest in serving another year, if expectations are met in the current year of service. Continuation of service is not guaranteed. Final determinations will be made with the recommendation of campus administration, for Superintendent approval.  

Student Ambassador Council Goals

Future Leaders & Critical Thinkers  

  • Provide feedback to the Superintendent related to the G-PISD student experience  
  • Listen to fellow students, engage in proactive discussions, and provide ideas for moving forward to achieve the district’s vision, mission, and goals 
  • Serve as public representatives, including volunteering for district events 

Embracing Diversity 

  • Promote a school and district environment that is welcoming, encouraging, and positive for all students 
  • Support an inclusive school environment that is respectful to the individual needs of diverse populations including race, gender, special needs, poverty, political views, etc.  

College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) 

  • Create awareness about college and career opportunities, including those within the district, and the need for students to plan early for success before high school graduation 
  • Support the District’s initiative to prepare all students for higher or post-secondary education 

Safety, Health & Wellness 

  • Create awareness and discussion opportunities for students on campus to provide input and feedback related to safety needs, experiences, and opportunities 
  • Support on and off campus school anti-bullying and anti-violence campaigns 
  • Encourage awareness among peers in areas of physical, emotional, and mental health 

Operating Procedures

  1. The SSAC serve in an advisory role to the Superintendent of Schools, and be representatives of G-PISD among their school, community, region, and the state. 

  1. SSAC members will be provided opportunities to reinforce the idea of the democratic process. 

  1. SSAC members will attend scheduled meetings regularly, and prepare for each meeting or speaking engagement(s) as needed. 

  1. SSAC members will work in a collaborative manner with each other, and will express views and opinions openly, constructively, and respectfully. 

  1. Meeting procedures: 

  • The SSAC will meet 8-10 times a year between August and May. 
  • The SSAC will meet for 1-1.5 hour(s) during the times of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., as schedules may allow on campus and/or travel time within the district may be needed for meeting(s). Lunch will be served at each meeting. 
  • The SSAC’s monthly meeting will be held various locations in the district. Occasional out-of-district travel is also a possibility. Parents/families will receive advance notice of any travel plans. Permission must be granted for student representatives to participate.  
  1. The SSAC will participate in speaking engagements and/or volunteer for district events. 

  1. The SSAC will provide 1-2 representative(s) to speak for less than five minutes at regularly scheduled school board meetings when requested by the Superintendent. 

  1. The SSAC will make a full presentation to the School Board about their activities and experience on the council once annually.

  1. The Superintendent or designee will coordinate the functions/activities and communication platforms of the SSAC.

10. SSAC members will refer all media questions to the Superintendent, Chief Communications & Engagement Officer, or other designee, and will refrain from issuing public statements on behalf of the SSAC or Gregory-Portland ISD.