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Contact Information

Gregory-Portland Technology Department/ Phone Number: (361) 777-1089

Technology Director/Cyber Security Coordinator:
Andrew Guerra | aguerra@g-pisd.org
Technology Clerk/Secretary to Technology Director:
Jennifer Hernandez | jhernandez@g-pisd.org
Computer Technicians:
Gil Garcia | ggarcia@g-pisd.org
Brian Saegert | bsaegert@g-pisd.org
Rick Zapata | rzapata@g-pisd.org
Instructional Technology:
Kyle Jones | kjones@g-pisd.org
Kari Mires | kmires@g-pisd.org
System Analyst/Network Manager:
Alan Decker | adecker@g-pisd.org
Walter Granberry | wgranberry@g-pisd.org
Kelly Perez | kperez@g-pisd.org

Copyright Notice

This information/content was developed for G-PISD by teachers and staff and therefore is the intellectual property of the District. No person is authorized to publish, reproduce, or use this information in any manner without the express written permission of a District Administrator. Thank you.