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Skyward FAQs

1. How do I obtain an account?
Visit http://www/g-pisd.org and click on the Family Access icon under Quick Links on the top right corner of the website. If you are unsure of your Username and Password, contact your student's campus.

2. Do I have to apply each year, or is my login information good forever? Do I have to submit an application for each of my children?
Your username and password are good forever. If you have children on other campuses, you do not need another username and do not have to reapply to access data for those children.

3. Why do my spouse and I both need a login and password?
Security and a sign-in log are maintained by Family Access.

4. Do I need a different password if I have students on different campuses?
No. Your user name and password will allow access to information about all of your students.

5. I have children at more than one campus. I can see my child at the Middle School, but I can’t see the information regarding my children on other campuses.
Check the drop-down menu at the upper left of the screen. If any student’s name is missing, please notify the campus contact.

6. I have forgotten my password and/or username. How do I get another one?
On the Login screen, please click the Forgot my Login/Password link. Fill in your email address and then your user name and password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive the email, or accidentally lock your account from too many login attempts, please contact your child’s school to assist you with resetting it.

7. My login and password are not working today. I just used them yesterday, and I logged into the program with no problems.
Check your internet connection. Occasionally, Family Access will be down for upgrades. This will be a temporary condition. Multiple failed login attempts will cause the account to lock, and you will need to call the campus contact to get it unlocked.

8. Where can we use this system if we do not have internet access at home?
Each school will have computers available and the Portland Bill Whittington Public library also provides free internet access.

9. Is the system secure?
Family Access uses Secure Socket Layer (SSI) encryption as the security layer for data presented on the web. This is the same encryption system used by sites that accept credit card numbers and other personal data that must be secure. Each individual, whether student, parent, or staff member, must be given a username and password and be designated as a member of a household linked to a student in order to view Family Access information.

10. How often do the teachers update their grades?
Teachers are required to update their grades weekly.

11. What do I do if the demographic information in Family Access is incorrect?
Call or email the campus contact.

12. Who is the contact at my student’s campus?
Campus contacts can be reached at the following numbers:

Gregory-Portland High School: 361-777-4251
Gregory-Portland Middle School: 361-777-4042
T.M. Clark Elementary: 361-777-4045
S.F. Austin Elementary: 361-777-4252
W.C. Andrews Elementary: 361-777-4048
East Cliff Elementary: 361-777-4255