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Homeless | McKinney-Vento Act

McKinney-Vento Act

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CLICK HERE to find contact information for your child's current school campus.

Questions regarding eligibility under the McKinney-Vento Act: If you have questions regarding federal law (McKinney-Vento Act) and the process for identifying students who may qualify, please contact Dr. Mike Norris at (361) 777-1091, or email mnorris2@g-pisd.org.

Registering in another district: If you plan to register your student(s) in another school district (other than G-PISD), please see the information below titled "Reminders for students who will register in another school district." Thank you!

Transportation: Those currently enrolled in G-PISD who qualify for services under the McKinney-Vento Act (having received notification from the district that they are eligible), and who are in need of transportation to/from school, can call the following phone number to obtain more information or to request services: (361) 777-1091 ext. 2104 (Option 5). Thank you.

September 18, 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The McKinney-Vento Act was designed to ensure all homeless children and youth have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education as others. Local Education Agencies must provide homeless children and youth with the opportunity to meet the same challenging state content and state student performance standards to which all students are held.

Your child has the right to:

  • Remain in school through the current school year; and
  • Return to the school he or she was attending prior to becoming displaced, if that is your choice and it is feasible; and
  • Enroll in school immediately, even if you do not have all the paperwork, such as your child’s school or medical records; and
  • Access the same special programs and services that are provided to other children, including special education, migrant education, and vocational education; and
  • Receive the same public education that is provided to other children including preschool.

You can help your child be successful by:

  • Making sure your child attends school every day; and
  • Reading to your child (even a few minutes a day makes a difference); and
  • Making education a family priority, and helping students develop good study habits; and
  • Meeting with your child’s teachers and other school personnel; and
  • Ensuring the school of enrollment has all appropriate forms completed and updated contact information routinely.

Gregory-Portland ISD continues to work tirelessly to meet its obligations under the law and will strive to exceed your expectations for services provided to your child. If you qualify under the provisions of the McKinney-Vento Act, please notify your current campus of enrollment via phone, email or in person at your earliest convenience.


Dr. Michael Norris

Executive Director of School Leadership & Accountability


Reminders for students who will register in another school district:

Student Email Accounts: Students who register to attend a different school district will have their G-PISD student email account(s) disabled. If your student(s) used the G-PISD student email account for any services, including communication with universities and/or for potential scholarships. Students who register to attend another school district will need to update those applications/online systems with a new email address. Also, the Office 365 student account will also be disabled. If students need to save any work in that account, please download it to another form of media. If you have questions, please contact the G-PISD Technology Department at (361) 777-1089.