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School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

NOTICE: Recall Alert - Auvi-Q Epi Pens (Epinephrine Injectors) - October 28, 2015
Parents: Please click the link above regarding a recall of certain Auvi-Q Epi Pens. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the School Nurse at the appropriate campus where your child/children may be enrolled. Thank you.

G-PISD Allergy Management Plan
Information and forms related to the GPISD Allergy Management Plan can be
found at www.wildcatcafe.org.

Policies Regarding School Health & Physical Activity

SHAC Meetings 2018-2019

SHAC Meetings 2017-2018

SHAC Meetings 2016-2017

SHAC Meetings 2015-2016

SHAC Meetings 2014-2015

SHAC Resources


SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee):
Barbie Ezell

Director of Special Education | Email: bezell@g-pisd.org