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G-PISD Leadership Development Academies

In G-PISD, we are dedicated to pioneering educational leadership with our Leadership Development Academies. Designed to align with our district's strategic goals and priorities, these programs are meticulously crafted to harness and amplify the potential of educators and aspiring administrators. Our focus is on cultivating a cadre of leaders who are not only equipped with cutting-edge skills and knowledge but are also poised to drive excellence and equity across all educational outcomes. This commitment positions G-PISD at the forefront of educational innovation and leadership development, ensuring a progressive and impactful future for our entire community.

Aspiring Administrators: Leadership Academy

The Administrator Leadership Academy is a cohort model designed to develop and guide aspiring assistant principals in acquiring the knowledge and understanding of the leadership skills needed to effectively lead a campus and ensure excellent, equitable outcomes for all scholars. Candidates will participate in a program of study anchored in the Texas Principal Standards with job-embedded experiences centered around skills and knowledge related to leading at the elementary, middle, and/or senior high school level in Gregory-Portland ISD.

If your career interests include

  • School Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Staff Evaluation and Management
  • Strategic Planning and Legal/Ethical Issues

Then this is the program for you!

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Empowering Educators: Teacher Leadership Academy

The Teacher Leadership Academy is a year-long program for teachers looking to invest in their growth as a leader. The program is designed for teachers who are committed to their leadership growth and are eager to further develop the essential skills needed to lead themselves and others effectively in their current roles. Focus areas will include - personal growth, mentorship, brain and behavior, AI technological advancements in the classroom, and engagement strategies. 


If your career interests include

  • Mentorship/Coaching
  • Brain and Behavior Strategies
  • AI and Cutting Edge Technology
  • Data and Engagement Strategies

Then this is the program for you!

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Due to the time commitment, we highly encourage you to select one program for the year.