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Brand Style Guide

What is it?

A set of standards that define an organization's image and identity, including an instruction manual for how a brand should be communicated and protected as the legal property of a business or organization (in our case, Gregory-Portland ISD and all that our school district represents including a rich culture, tradition, and history). 

School districts as well as businesses and corporations across Texas and the nation have brand style guides to protect their intellectual property and trademarks. These guides include the requirements for requesting permission to use any district graphic or intellectual property -- including logos, insignia, slogans, etc. -- and are intended to ensure the professionalism, consistency, clarity, and cohesiveness of the brand wherever it is used within and outside the organization.

The Office of Communications & Engagement manages G-PISD's brand and style, and this team is the primary contact for all seeking permission to use the district brand for any reason as outlined in the style guide. This team also protects brand use and works with key parties to ensure compliance of requirements outlined in the official style guide.


Official Guide | Posted: August 4, 2023


Request Permission to Use G-PISD Logos / Property

All individuals requesting to use district logos must:

  • (1) FIRST review the official style guide (above), and
  • (2) THEN submit a Logo Use Request Form.
  • (3) IF you are a merchant / vendor (selling merchandise for your business), you must attend a "Merchant Meeting" prior to obtaining any permission(s) that may be granted for logo or other use of district property. Please see the information below and mark your calendar to attend the next meeting. 

If you have questions, please contact us at communications@g-pisd.org


Merchant Meetings w/ G-PISD

Individuals and/or businesses who desire to use our district property -- logos, insignia, slogans, etc. -- on merchandise for sale must attend a meeting to review requirements and guidelines for operating in this manner. After attending a meeting, merchant(s) may be considered to obtain an agreement in writing with the district for use of district property. Under no circumstances may G-P district logos and/or property be used without permission, including posted on or in places of business. 

The next opportunities for merchant meetings include:

  • Tuesday, August 8, 2023 @ 9am or 2pm
  • Thursday, August 17, 2023 @ 10am, 2pm, or 6pm