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The District Master Event Calendar below lists activities scheduled across the district. You can click "Month," "Week," or "Day" (below, left) to change the view ... or click the blue filter icon (below, right) to select only the types of events you would like to view (for example, by campus). Calendars are color-coded by campus/location (see the legend at the bottom of this page). Thank you.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jan 10
Mon, Jan 11
MS Girls Basketball VS Alice
7th Grade Home - 8th Grade Away
Wed, Jan 13
Monthly Parent Meeting
Thu, Jan 14
Sat, Jan 16
Sun, Jan 17
Mon, Jan 18
MS Girls Basketball VS Flour Bluff
7th Grade Home - 8th Grade Away
Tue, Jan 19
Food Distribution
Gracepoint Church
Thu, Jan 21
MS Boys Basketball VS Alice
7th Grade Home - 8th Grade Away
Sun, Jan 24
Mon, Jan 25
GP Clothing Closet
1100 Lang Road
MS Girls Basketball VS Tuloso-Midway
7th Grade Home - 8th Grade Away
Wed, Jan 27
Thu, Jan 28
Subscribe to Alerts MS Boys Basketball VS Tuloso-Midway
7th Grade Away - 8th Grade Home

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    • Exception (Holidays)
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  • High School Events
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  • HS Athletics
    • G-PHS
  • Middle School Events
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  • TM Clark Events
    • TMC

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