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*NEW* District Calendar - 2024-25

Posted: 3.9.2024

The Gregory-Portland ISD ACADEMIC CALENDAR for the 2024-25 school year has now been released and is provided below in TWO VERSIONS:

  1. A FAMILY Calendar that is simplified with our families in mind, showing clearly and concisely the days that students will attend school and enjoy student holidays, as well as containing NEW school start and end times with the addition of the Early Childhood Center and helpful QR codes; and 
  2. An EMPLOYEE Calendar that includes a staff-only holiday listing and a custom legend, in addition to detailed academic information needed specifically for G-PISD teachers and employees.

Each of these calendar versions are aligned to one another and contain information that was approved by the School Board on February 26, 2024.* The version of a FAMILY calendar was created thanks to valuable feedback received from our families during Family Engagement Committee meetings this year, and also from our teachers, staff, and community involved in various campuses/departments and stakeholder committees that were consulted throughout the calendar development process. Also thanks to this feedback, a GRAYSCALE (black/white) version of each calendar is provided via links below in addition to the full-color versions. Spanish versions are also provided to support our families and staff.

Traditional vs. Intercessional - The calendar is a TRADITIONAL model for the 2024-25 school year, though an intercessional calendar draft had previously been posted on our website and was considered in prior school years. The reason that a traditional calendar was recommended and adopted was in direct response and support of our stakeholder feedback, with the majority of our families in particular in favor of the traditional calendar model. An intercessional was originally considered two years ago because of substantial learning loss experienced among students post-COVID, however in G-PISD we have found creative ways to provide instructional support that has been successful to date in helping close achievement gaps and support our students to return to high performance for lifelong learning and success. With the progress we've seen academically, there is not currently a need to consider a calendar that includes intercessional weeks for academic recovery.

*Please keep in mind that while this calendar has been board-approved, the Superintendent retains the authority to make adjustments as needed before and during each school year. Thanks & GO WILDCATS!



LINKS to download this FAMILY Calendar and/or print:

ENGLISH: Full Color  |  Grayscale (B/W)

ESPANOL:  A Todo Color  |  Escala de Grises


LINKS to download this EMPLOYEE Calendar and/or print:

ENGLISH: Full Color  |  Grayscale (B/W)

ESPANOL:  A Todo Color  |  Escala de Grises